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The easiest way to report a non-urgent repair is through the MyRaven customer portal.

Request a repair

If you have an emergency repair please call 0300 123 3399. If this is outside of our usual opening hours (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm), please follow the instructions on the telephone. To see what is classed as urgent and non-urgent repairs see maintaining my home.

See my repair responsibilities for a list of examples that you are responsible for. We are responsible for repairs to the structure and outside of your home and for the supply of water, gas, electricity, heating and toilet sanitation.

See my repair responsibilities for a list of examples that you are responsible for. Repairs that are within our Repairs policy are included in your rent and service charge. We can carry out some repairs that are outside the policy via Raven Works, our commercial arm, for which you will then be invoiced.

In block of flats, major work such as a full roof renewal are paid for by us.

Leaseholders are obliged to make a contribution to the cost as per the percentage stated in their lease. Large scale works like this will be consulted under the ‘Section 20’ process. This work will be charged in line with normal service charge processes.

We have three different repair priorities. Emergency repairs are attended within 24hrs but usually on the same day. Routine (non-urgent) repairs are attended within 28 days and planned repairs are undertaken within 365 days. For more details see Maintaining my home and our Repairs policy.

We always try to carry out repairs to the highest standards. However, if we fall short and you are unhappy with a repair job then please let us know so we can sort it. For more information see making a complaint.

Raise a complaint

If your gas boiler, central heating or hot water is not working please call our gas contractor Smith & Byford directly on 0800 917 8335.

Watch this quick ‘how to’ video on how to bleed a radiator:

You should report a guttering problem through the MyRaven customer portal.

Request a repair

Guttering is covered by your rent and service charge.

What looks like damp in walls and ceilings is normally caused by condensation. Please see our advice on managing condensation in your home.

Damp and condensation

However, if the damp is being caused by a structural problem then we will repair the building. Please report this via our MyRaven customer portal.

Request a repair

See planned upgrades programme to find out more about replacing things like kitchens and bathrooms, and their typical lifespans. If you would like a survey to check the age of these please contact us to arrange.

When you move out, if some repairs are needed beyond ‘fair wear and tear’ you will be charged for these. Please see our Returning my home guide for more details.

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