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We will carry out some repairs to your home as a part of your tenancy agreement with us. There are some repairs which you are responsible for – examples below (but this list is not exhaustive).

Please report repairs that our responsibility using the link below.

Request a repair

The examples also show any exceptional circumstances where we may carry out the repair, but if the damage goes beyond normal wear and tear, we may charge for it. If we are going to charge for a repair we will always let you know in advance.

Your repair responsibilities – examples

We will carry out external repairs to chimneys at roof level if they affect the structure of the building. We are also responsible (upon request) for chimney sweeping.

You are responsible for:

  • Internal decorations.

If decoration is needed following defective work carried out by us, we will decorate the affected areas only, these may not colour match. Following on from plastering works, we will carry out the first coat of paint only. Communal and/or external areas are decorated on a planned work programmes.

You are responsible for: Lost keys or damaged spy holes, security chains, letter plates, door knockers etc. If we carry out this work for you it will be chargeable.

We will carry out the work if you are aged over 70 or have a registered disability, or the work needed is a result of a crime being committed. A crime reference number – not an incident number – is needed from the police.

You are responsible for:

  • Fuses within appliances or wired plugs
  • Lamps (fluorescent tubes, starters and all other lights) and the connection of tubes.

We will carry out the work if you are  aged over 70 or have a registered disability.

  • Front garden fences – We will remove when broken or at the end of their life, subject to inspection.
  • Repairs to boundary fences or party fences – We will replace fences at the end of their life – 35 years for chain link fences, 20 years for wooden privacy panels next to windows. When an entire timber fence is at the end of its life we will fit two 5ft or 6ft timber panels for privacy closest to the house and the remainder in 3ft or 4ft chain link fence.
  • Clotheslines, posts and rotary driers – We will replace in communal areas.

Damages to surround – We will not repair unless this is due to fair wear and tear or is causing dampness due to structural issues from above. This does not include any unauthorised work carried out by a non-Raven contractor.

You are responsible for:

  • Floor tiles
  • Wooden or laminate
  • Carpets (unless fitted by us).

We will repair in kitchens and bathrooms. If you replace flooring in any room and find floor tiles that may contain asbestos we will remove these at no cost to you.

Please note, in maisonettes, flats and houses on top of houses, wooden or laminate flooring is not permitted except on the ground floor of the below property due to noise levels.

You are responsible for lost keys, padlocks, broken locks.

We will replace if you were a victim of crime and have a crime reference number – not an incident number – from the police.

You are responsible for:

  • Gas appliances such as cookers or fires
  • Flexible connection pipes to the cooker
  • Boiler breakdowns are dealt with by our gas contractor.

Please ensure any work is carried out by a gas safe registered engineer.

Gas leak

Turn the gas off at the meter, open all windows and doors, don’t turn on any electrical switches and get out of your home immediately. Report the leak directly to gas emergency services on 0800 111 999. Please do not call us or our gas contractor.

Repair or replace individual cupboard doors, drawers, drawer handles etc.

We will replace kitchens at the end of their life but you must repair if damaged before this. See planned upgrades programme for more information.

You must remove any pests, such as mice, inside your home and we will block holes to prevent re-entry.

If this is in a communal area, please log this in the MyRaven customer portal.

Report communal area

You are responsible for toilet seats, non-Raven fitted shower screens and items fitted under a home improvement application such as taps and vanity units etc.

We will replace items such as baths, sinks and toilets at the end of their life, but you must repair if damaged beyond wear and tear before this.

You are responsible for:

  • Wooden sheds
  • Locks and keys for concrete or brick buildings.

If you want to put up a wooden shed you need to apply through our home improvement application process. You can raise a make a Home improvement request through the MyRaven customer portal.


  • Glazing and doors are an exception, we will replace these at end of life on concrete or brick structures
  • We are responsible for roofs and structural repairs to concrete or brick buildings.

You need to repair cracks. Though, we will repair if the cracks are wider than a £1 coin.

We will attend if you are unable to secure your home. We may initially just make it safe. Broken windowpane replacements will be chargeable unless you have a crime reference number.

Misted windows are replaced on a planned upgrades programme.

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