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Our grounds maintenance contractors respond to the individual needs of each area so that quality is maintained all year round, rather than making routine visits. Please note, that we don’t carry out any major work on hedges during bird nesting season which is between March 1 and July 31. See green spaces and trees for more information.

The responsibility depends on what land the tree is planted on. If it is on land owned and managed by us then we will carry out the work, but only if the tree in question is dead, diseased, dying or dangerous.

Private gardens are the responsibility of the individual. If your Raven neighbour is having difficulty maintaining their garden, they should contact their tenancy services officer. Trees on Raven land are maintained by us, but we will only attend to them if they are dead, dying, diseased or dangerous. We do not carry out work on trees to allow more light or if they are affecting TV signals.

You will need to contact your local council about issues relating to missed bin collections as this is their responsibility. New or extra individual bins need to be requested through the council. If you need a replacement communal bin or the existing communal bin is damaged, please let us know through the MyRaven customer portal.

Report communal bin issue

Our neighbourhood wardens can investigate fly tipping offences and if this happens on Raven land they will arrange for its removal. Please report this through the MyRaven customer portal.

Report fly tipping

If the vehicle is on Raven land, we can put a notice on it requiring the registered keeper to tax and MOT it within 14 days or it will be removed. You can report an abandoned or unroadworthy vehicle to us through the MyRaven customer portal.

Report a vehicle

This should be directed to CPM, our management company for parking, by emailing or calling 0345 463 5050.

UK Car Park Management website

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