‘We Hear You’ focusses on how we are listening to your feedback and taking learnings from complaints to improve our processes and procedures.

Learning from complaints

We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and to be used to improve the quality of service we provide. We understand that there are learnings from your complaint and we’re committed to taking action and improving our services to demonstrate our core values of trust, understanding and care.

Here are some recent examples of how we’ve learned from complaints:

We’ve hired a new Grounds Maintenance Officer who will be inspecting the tree schedule works. The new Grounds Maintenance Officer will be making sure that our contractors and anyone working on their behalf are adhering to the Health and Safety Rules and display the behaviours that we would expect.

customer service team answering calls

We’ve looked at our internal training and monitoring for our Customer Service Team to make sure we hear, correctly diagnose and capture customer repairs accurately as soon as we can.

We’ve recruited a new Performance, Quality and Contracts Management role to give more transparency of repairs performance so we can monitor repair timescales and delays more closely.

We’ve reviewed our pest control procedure and will be sending out a specialist to carry out an inspection to provide a more accurate diagnosis and determine cause of any infestation

Learning from feedback

It’s not just through complaints we look to make changes. We also take learnings from survey feedback, Tenant Satisfaction Measures surveys, instant repairs feedback and every day conversations because – Every Interaction Matters.


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Complaints performance data


complaints were received between October – December 2023

100% of these were dealt with within our timescales


complaints went to Stage 2 between October – December 2023

100% of these were dealt with within our timescales

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