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The ‘We Hear You’ campaign is all about actively encouraging feedback so we can identify where there’s room for improvement.

We’ll keep reporting back on how this is inspiring change to our processes and your services.

We understand we don’t always get it right, but instead of saying sorry and moving on, it’s important to us that we learn from things that go wrong and listen to what you’re saying about us.

Insight to Action Panel

Our Insight to Action Panel includes senior managers, members of our complaints team and the Executive Director of Customer Experience. They meet monthly to discuss what we learn from conversations with customers, complaints, and survey feedback and most importantly, how we can implement new processes to create a better, more positive customer experience.

With this panel we hope to improve the quality of the service we provide to you, to learn and improve from feedback and complaints and further build a positive relationship with you, our customers.

If you have feedback you’d like us to investigate, please let us know by raising an enquiry on your MyRaven online account or call us on 0300 123 3399.

What this concerns What we heard What we did How we heard
Planned works timescales Better communication is needed about timescales for planned works such as roof replacements and o have a single point of contact for questions We’ve appointed a Project Manager who is your contact for planned works and will hold contractors to account for service delivery. We’ve also reviewed letters for planned works making sure they’re informative and will send follow up letters as needed Customer feedback
Follow up repairs visits Be more proactive if further visits for a repair are needed to be made – so we don’t have to keep chasing We’ve launched a new repair monitoring system that tells our schedulers when a job needs another visit. It also shows specific timescales to ensure a quicker and more proactive solution to the issue. Customer feedback


What this concerns What we heard What we did How we heard
Communicating with sheltered and temporary accommodation customers You value speaking with someone face-to-face or on the telephone, opposed to solely communicating through letters or texts. We’ve factored this into the rent arrears process (for these types of customers), which means that at certain stages you’ll have a visit either from your income officer or temporary accommodation officer to ensure you have all the information and support you need Interviews with sheltered and temporary accommodation customers
Getting behind in paying rent Due to the rising cost of living, an increasing number of you are struggling to pay your rent and don’t always know what options are available to you We are adding extra steps into our rent arrears process. This means if you fall behind with rent payments, we’ll be prompted to refer you to our Moneywise team for budgeting help or benefits advice Rent consultation with tenants
Homeowner account statements We don’t monitor our account because we don’t get regular statements We are going to attach account statements to the back of estimate and reconciliation letters Consultation with homeowners
Confusion over cost increases for homeowners It’s difficult to see where costs have increased and by how much We are going to include the previous year’s costs as well as the current year, as well as percentage differences for transparency Consultation with homeowners
Communications with homeowners When we write to you concerning charges, estimates and reconciliations, the language and terminology used is difficult to understand We’ve reviewed all our standard homeownership letters and simplified them, where this isn’t governed by legislation, to make them more customer-friendly and easier to understand Consultation with homeowners
Complaints process When making a complaint, for those of you with a vulnerability, the right support and signposting isn’t always offered We’ve introduced a vulnerability check early into the complaints process. This means that any vulnerabilities are identified early so communications are adapted accordingly and the right support is given from the onset Customer feedback from a previous complaint
Registering on the new MyRaven It was a complicated process to set my password when logging in for the first time If you had an online account with us on the previous MyRaven, we automatically set you up with an account on the new MyRaven. This caused some technical difficulties which is a lesson learnt for future. We contacted each customer that reported a password issue and talked them through the process Survey with MyRaven users

Learning from complaints

Complaints are a valuable source of learning. Your feedback gives us the chance to review what has happened and, where necessary, put things right and try to make sure they don’t happen again.

Here’s some more examples of how we’ve learned from your feedback…

A customer’s view on our complaints process and why it’s important to be heard…

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