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If you live in a shared building, we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the following parts or areas, the cost of which is either covered in your rent or in your leaseholder service charge:

  • Grounds maintenance (on estates and blocks) e.g. grass and hedge cutting, and litter picking
  • Boundary fencing and walls
  • Communal door entry systems
  • Communal entrance doors and internal lighting
  • External lighting to entrances and car parks
  • Estate car parks
  • Integral fire safety systems and communal fire doors
  • Communal TV ariels
  • Roofs, walls and communal area windows
  • Paths to the entrance of building or drying area
  • Guttering and drainage
  • Communal flooring
  • Stair noses (strips on the end of the stair) and handrails
  • Communal outdoor taps, water butts and pumping stations
  • Communal bins stores, sheds and outhouses
  • Communal washing lines, washing rooms, washing machines and drying rooms
  • Communal lounges and kitchens (sheltered schemes only).

We aim to maintain the communal areas of every shared block, estate or scheme and effectively manage planned and routine inspections. However, if you notice that a repair is needed within a communal area or on one of our estates please report this to us using the My Raven customer portal.

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If you are a leaseholder with a home in one of our blocks, you will have specific repair responsibilities which can be found in your lease. If you can’t find a copy of your lease to refer to, please request this through the MyRaven customer portal.

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If you need clarification on your repair responsibilities, please raise a homeownership enquiry through the MyRaven customer portal.

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