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Date approved: May 2023
Review date: May 2025

See below for the full policy, but please be aware this may include acronyms or technical jargon used internally within Raven. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Purpose of the policy

1.1. This policy applies to general needs, supported housing properties including temporary accommodations, communal areas of the stock owned and managed by Raven Housing Trust.

1.2. This policy also applies to Raven’s responsibility to repairs for leaseholders as stipulated by their individual lease agreements.

1.3. We will ensure the repairs and maintenance service meets all legal and regulatory requirements, including those relating to our statutory health and safety responsibilities.

1.4. Clear description or responsibilities of Raven and its Customers can be found in the Repair Standard document.

1.5. The policy should be read alongside the Repairs Standard document, which sets out the detailed responsibilities of the Repairs Team and the Customer.

1.6. A repair is defined as:- “Restoring to good working order, fixing or mending” The work of Responsive Repairs should be viewed as achieving these goals.

1.7. We have an obligation to provide a repairs and maintenance service in respect of the exterior structure and communal areas such as such as common entrance halls, stairways, lifts and shafts, entry phones, passageways, rubbish chutes, bin and bike storage areas, etc. and other mechanical and electrical equipment (M&E) shared within a building/block.

1.8. Customer satisfaction is targeted to achieve top quartile performance when compared to Raven’s peers.

2.  Scope of the policy

2.1. Our aim is to put our customers at the centre of our plans and to maximise the service delivery of our Responsive Repairs operations to ensure it meets diverse needs, but also follows Raven’s Value for Money policy.

2.2. We will ensure that our homes are structurally sound and weather tight and that our residents are provided with hot water and a means to keep their home warm.

2.3. Why we would do a repair:

  • Health or safety
  • Security
  • To prevent long-term damage to the home

2.4. Our aim is to complete work right first time, by accurate diagnosis at the first point of contact (Raven’s Customer Service Centre and Surveyors).

2.5. The type of repairs that we will carry out and those that are the responsibility of the tenant are set out in the ‘Repairs standard’ document.

2.6. Customers have responsibility to look after the home to minimise maintenance and fix minor things between maintenance cycles.

2.7. Customers are responsible for reporting repairs to Raven as soon as possible to minimise any further damage and must allow access to their home for the work (either responsive or planned) to be carried out.

2.8. Customers are responsible for carrying out any repairs to items that would normally be Ravens responsibility that are caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect. This includes any damage caused by friends and lawful visitors to their home. To prevent condensation, customers must heat, clean & ventilate the home properly & provide shower curtains.

2.9. If we have to disturb any installations or alterations previously carried out by a customer in order to carry out repairs, the resident will be responsible for reinstating any items disturbed. We cannot be held responsible for any reinstatement costs, including the relaying or replacement of specialist flooring.

2.10.When a repair is reported, we will tell our customers when they should expect the repair to be completed by and this can be tracked through the customer portal.

2.11. We will plan to offer an appointment with a tradesperson or specialist contractor at the first point of contact. If we are not able to agree an appointment first time, our staff or representatives will be in contact to arrange a visit to undertake the work or inspection. Where it is has not been possible to agree an appointment time within the target time, due to exceptional circumstances we may offer appointment times outside of normal operating hours.

2.12. Leaseholders (including shared owners and sub-leaseholders, as applicable) are responsible for all repairs and maintenance within the demise set out in their lease. Raven has no responsibility under this policy for repairs to the demise under a shared ownership lease.

2.13. All specialist contractors are required to work in accordance with this Policy.

3. Detailed policy content

3.1. Repairs are split into 3 categories:

  • Responsive Repairs;
  • Cyclical Maintenance:
  • Asset Maintenance.

3.2. These 3 categories all have repair and maintenance requirements, to which the urgent is dependent upon the works required. All repairs have a target time associated and these are further categorised in to 3 priorities:

3.2.1 Emergency– Raven will attend repairs that are needed to avoid serious danger to life and limb or severe damage to the home. We will attend an emergency repair within 24 hours to make safe, with a target attendance of 4 hours. If the repair is still deemed to be and emergency after being made safe, we will complete the repair within 24 hours.

These constitute a repair that if not undertaken would pose an immediate risk to a customer or third party’s health and safety and/or to the building’s structural integrity.

Raven will follow the timeframe on emergency repairs.

Residents will be able to report out of hours, emergency repairs by telephone 24 hours a day.

3.2.2 Routine – completed within 28 days
Repairs that are not hazardous, do not cause serious inconvenience and do not pose an immediate risk to health and safety.

3.2.3 Planned Works– completed within one year or a longer planned cycle.
Repairs or Refurbishments that are not urgent and do not pose an immediate health and safety risk and for economic reason should be delivered as part of a Planned basis rather than as a Responsive repair.

Examples of what is included in each category are set out in the ‘Repairs Standard’ document.

3.3 Our Equality and Diversity Strategy demands that response times will be improved upon to take account of our customers who are vulnerable or have specific needs, such as elderly residents, those with very young children, or sole tenants with a registered disability. More information can be found in Section 12.

3.4 Cyclical maintenance & annual maintenance
3.4.1. Annual maintenance comprises of work that as a landlord Raven are legally responsible to undertake such as gas safety checks or works that help minimize the consequent impact of downtime should any equipment not be maintained properly. Cyclical maintenance is works considered protective and preventative This includes electrical safety checks, decoration of communal areas and other similar works.

3.4.2. Raven will endeavour to ensure the areas and facilities within communal spaces are maintained to a good standard including all M&E.

3.4.3. Where scaffolding or works to communal areas are required for the purposes of cyclical maintenance work all resident will be given two weeks’ notice.

3.4.4. Raven will endeavour to carry out the cyclical maintenance works causing the least possible disruption and inconvenience to our customers.

4. Rechargeable repairs

4.1. We will charge customers if we must carry out a repair to your home for which you are responsible. Residents will generally need to pay before we carry out the work and they will be charged the full cost of the repair plus an administration fee and VAT. See Recharges policy

5. Asset planned maintenance

5.1. Asset Planned maintenance works are planned in advance and will be carried out to ensure the health and safety of customers and their visitors, and to maintain the standard of our properties in line with our Asset Management Strategy.

5.2. This type of maintenance is to meet statutory and legal obligations, and to prevent deterioration of the building components and/or improve the appearance of the accommodation.

5.3. Data obtained through undertaking stock condition surveys will support Raven with scheduling required larger planned maintenance works. An annual programme of planned maintenance works will be notified to resident whose properties are impacted by planned work.

5.4. Examples of planned maintenance include major repairs to shared areas (e.g. Kitchens, Bathrooms, external building works: Roof replacements or communal windows).

5.5. Where scaffolding is needed or works to communal areas are required for planning maintenance, all residents impacted will be given two weeks’ notice

6. Leasehold rechargeable repairs

6.1. Raven Housing Trust Ltd is registered with the Regulator of Social Housing under number L4334 and is a charitable registered society as defined in section 1 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 under number 30070R.

6.2. Raven leasehold agreements are made under, or by reference to, provisions of:

  • Reform Act 1967,
  • Housing Act 1985,
  • Housing Act 1988 or Housing Act 1996.

6.3 For repairs & maintenance works which take place within the communal areas of the building, all residents will be charged a proportionate amount for these works as per the terms of the lease. The sum of these works will be included in the service charge for the building. For rental units, this is the responsibility of the landlord.

6.4 Raven will undertake consultation as required under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985, amended by the Common hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, where any major works, exterior decorations or improvements to communal areas will result in any one leaseholder being recharged for works totalling £250 or more (including VAT).

6.5 Service charges will be set by the managing agent. A sinking fund will be created to account for any repairs and maintenance charges. The annual service charge, typically paid monthly, will be ringfenced in a separate bank account. The service charge will be calculated on an annual basis and must be operated on the basis of reasonable recovery of expenditure.

7. Right to repair

7.1 Residents may be entitled to compensation under the Right to Repair scheme when Raven has taken more than twice the standard agreed timescale to carry out an eligible repair and the resident has reminded us that the repair is needed. The scheme only applies to emergency (24 hours) repairs that are likely to jeopardise the health, safety or security of the resident if they are not carried out within the timescales specified.

7.2 If the repair is not carried out within the initial timescale, as specified in the Repairs Standard document Repairs Standard the customer can request that another contractor carries out the works.

7.3 The Right to Repair scheme only applies when the repair will cost less than £250 and where health, safety or security may be at risk .

8. Communal areas

8.1 Raven is also responsible for repairs that are necessary to any communal areas such as:

  • Stairs
  • Lifts
  • Fire alarm systems and emergency lighting
  • Landings
  • Door entry systems
  • Communal lighting
  • Communal drains
  • Communal windows
  • Removal of offensive and discriminatory graffiti from Raven owned property

8.2 Repairs to communal areas are split into the same three categories as other repairs as available in section 3

9. Property alteration and improvements

9.1 Customers can carry out minor repairs to their home without our permission. However if improvements are to be carried out, written permission must be prior sought for the works, detailing the work that is to be carried out and who will be carrying out the work. Further information can be found on the Raven website Improving My Home. See Tenant Improvement to your home.

9.2 ‘Raven Works’ will be offered to all residents who request repairs or alterations to be carried out on their homes that are beyond the scope of this Policy. A competitive quotation will be offered and accepted for these works prior to commencement and payment is normally required before works begin.

9.3. Failure to gain prior consent or follow required agreed works will result in you being liable for reinstating the property back to its original condition and if Raven need to undertake the works you will be recharged for all costs associated including any administration fees.

9.4. Any customer that feels they have not been treated in accordance with this policy, can refer to and use the complaints policy.

10. Asbestos

10.1 Where intrusive works on building structures are necessary, Raven will provide guidance, information and advice to staff members, contractors and customers in order to avoid anyone being exposed to the dangers of asbestos. See website for details.

10.2 Where suspect asbestos material is identified that presents a significant risk, Raven’s health and safety advisor will be informed at the earliest opportunity. Raven will seek advice from the approved consultant and appropriate action will be taken.

10.3 All Raven trades staff and contractors under-go regular asbestos awareness training in line with current regulations and health and safety policies

11. Service standards

11.1 We promise that we will treat customer and their home with respect at all times.

11.2 We will only use professional operatives who take pride in their work and are suitably qualified and competent to complete the work they have been asked to do.

11.3 Our staff and contractors will always provide proof of identity before entering a resident’s home.

11.4 We will try to offer a mutually acceptable appointment at the first point of contact.

11.5 We will always try to fully complete the repair on the first visit and be clear about what will happen next if a second visit is required. We will keep the resident fully informed of progress.

12. Monitoring and performance

12.1 Routine, telephone based, customer satisfaction surveys will be conducted on a sample of repairs in line with agreed company standard.

12.2 Customer s may receive text surveys after works have been completed to ask how we delivered the repair and works. This will support a better understanding of how we are working.

12.3 We will record and monitor all responsive repair requests to track performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

12.4 We will monitor a sample of works to check quality and compliance with KPIs.

12.5 We will monitor the effectiveness of its repairs and maintenance service using a number of key performance indicators:

  • Satisfaction with repairs service;
  • Satisfaction with time taken to deliver the repair;
  • Percentage of appointments kept;
  • Percentage of repairs completed at the first appointment;

12.6 Raven will review this Policy every two years – unless legislation, business or sector developments require otherwise – to ensure that it continues to meet the stated objectives and take account of good practice developments

13. Equality and diversity policy

13.1 We will recognise that customers of all races, ages, religions, gender, sexual orientation and disability should be treated equally and fairly.

13.2 Response times will be shortened in some cases, to take account of our customers who are vulnerable or have specific needs.

13.3 Offensive or discriminatory graffiti on Raven owned property will be removed within 24 hours of it being reported.

13.4 We will inform our contractors and representatives of our standards and requirements regarding equality and diversity.

13.5 All customers will have access to this document upon request.

13.6 This document and accompanying leaflets can be translated or provided in alternative formats (e.g. Braille, large print, and audio) upon request.

13.7 All Board members, staff and involved residents should promote the association’s policy on equality and diversity and avoid discriminatory action or expression.

14. Allowing us access

14.1 Residents are required to allow us to enter their home to inspect or carry out repairs, including the inspection and maintenance of gas installation. If we attend an appointment and the customer is not home and has not informed us, we will cancel the job. If 2 appointments are cancelled then the customer can be removed from programmed works schedules and charged for any future missed appointments. Raven will normally give a minimum of 24 hours notice unless access is required in an emergency.

15. Publicising the policy

15.1. Raven publicises its policies and procedures on Repairs to residents and staff in a number
of ways:

  • Resident Handbooks
  • Leaflets
  • Resident Newsletters
  • Resident Website
  • Policy Briefings
  • Training
  • Shared Ownership Leases
  • Website
  • Policy & Procedure Microsite

16. Applicability

16.1 This policy applies to Raven employees issued with or using Raven owned or hired tools and equipment. It also applies to Raven Employees using their own personal hand tools.

16.2 Using tools and equipment as designed to best practises is a health and safety matter. The misuse of Tools and Equipment can put the employee and other at risk and could be deemed to be a breach of Ravens Health and Safety policy. Any such breaches will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action

16.3 Employees are responsible for looking after Raven issued tools and equipment. Loss and damage will be investigated and if the employee is deemed to be at fault they may be charged for replacement. Repeated loss, disrepair or theft of tools and equipment may result in disciplinary action

17. Related references

18. Publicising the procedure

18.1 All internal avenue Streams – SharePoint, Website, Policy Briefings, Toolbox talks, one2-ones: KM,GM, FM.

18.2 Available to Raven employees, all Stakeholders, Board Members and Customers

19. Performance dashboard

  • A Power BI report has been configured to monitor all high level KPIs to support service delivery successes and areas of improvement.
  • This Power BI dashboard is a live document and is available to all officers within the business to monitor, plan and deliver service demands.
  • The IPC Repairs dashboard is a live document and is available to all officers within the business to support works in progress and monitor areas of support need.
  • Measure KPI data against Customer experience through happy customer scores, but also in alignment with customer complaints and compensation claims. This will support better learning for future delivery and/or investment.
  • Learning will be shared with teams across raven to support an aligned thinking for any changes whilst also engaging with customer panels for whole buy-in.
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