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When are planned upgrades due?

To enable this to happen, we employ specialised surveyors every five years to provide a detailed report on all major parts of your home – from the kitchen and bathroom, to the front door and boiler.

We hold data on each major component’s age and this informs our plan for when each component is replaced. It allows us to plan our major upgrading programme so our repairs team can organise their work schedules. We have a 30-year business plan, with a total budget of over £600m, to spend on major upgrades.

Each major part, as listed below, has a lifespan which helps us to determine when it needs upgrading – although these are only guidelines and are flexible depending on the actual condition.

Part Lifespan
Kitchen 30 years
Bathroom 40 years
Boiler 15 years
Windows 40 years
External doors 40 years
Roof 60 years
Electrics 30 years

If you’d like to arrange a survey to check the expected lifespan of the major parts in your home or would like to find out how old they are, please make a request through your MyRaven online account.

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We’re also committed to improving the energy and carbon performance of your home, therefore improving its affordability and lessening its environmental impact.

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