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Minor alterations

The types of minor alterations you can make with our permission

  • Laying laminate or hard wood flooring (we cannot allow hard flooring in maisonettes, flats and houses on top of houses, above the lowest floor of the below home)
  • Cat and dog flaps
  • Aerials, cables and satellite dishes
  • Installing CCTV
  • Planting or removing trees in your garden
  • A shed, greenhouse, garage or garden room
  • Installing a garden pond
  • Changing the cupboard doors or work surfaces in your kitchen
  • Re-doing existing wall decorations (textured coating, wallpapering)
  • Adding an internal wall
  • Minor adaptations in your home (grab rails etc.)

Major improvements

The types of major improvements you can make with our permission

  • Building or removing a wall, or adding a door to a wall
  • Adding an extension or conservatory
  • Any changes to your loft space
  • Any changes to your heating and/or hot water system
  • Changes to your electrics and plumbing, such as installing an additional electrical socket
  • New kitchens and bathrooms
  • Driveways and hard standing areas
  • Dropped kerbs
  • Installing a new fence or building a wall on your boundary
  • Major adaptations in your home (lifts, walk-in showers, concrete ramps etc.)

Getting permission from us

To start the application, complete a Home improvement request form on the MyRaven customer portal.

An initial free consultation with us will determine whether your plans are minor or major. We do not charge to assess minor alterations but we do charge a non-refundable assessment fee for major improvements as there is a lot to consider.

The cost of this is a £42+ VAT admin fee per application for homeowners and needs paying in full when you apply for permission. At this moment in time tenants do not pay this fee.

If the work needs approval from your local council, such as planning permission or building regulations, this is your responsibility. Even if you have planning permission or building regulations you still need to get our permission before the work begins.

Sometimes you may be able to claim some of the cost of the home improvements when you move out of your home.

You may also be able to make changes so your home is more suitable for someone with a disability. A grant may be available from your local council to do this, see ‘aids and adaptations’ for more information.

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You should not start any improvements or alterations before we issue a formal approval for the work.

Please make sure anyone acting on your behalf, such as a contractor, does not start any work without your knowledge

When permission to proceed has been given, please let us know when the work is complete in case we need to inspect it.

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