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We’re committed to delivering you a home in the condition that we expect the property to be in when it’s handed back at the end of your tenancy. This will help you avoid unnecessary recharges. More information can be found in our ‘when you leave your home with us’ guide.

Monitoring the standard

  • Our lettable standards have been approved by our customers. If you’d like to get involved with how we set our lettable standards (or any other area of service provided), then please contact our customer engagement team: www.ravenht.org.uk/get-involved/
  • On occasions we may need to carry out minor jobs after you’ve moved in, but we’ll explain this to you when you sign your tenancy agreement with us.
  • Some issues can only become apparent when a new customer moves into their new home. If you have any issues with your property, please contact us:
  • You may qualify for extra support from our supporting agencies. Details can be found here.


Before you move in:

  • We’ll inspect your home, organise and make arrangements for all repairs to be completed.
  • We’ll do an electrical safety check (to comply with the current safety regulations) and a copy of the electrical safety document will be available at sign up or through your customer portal login.
  • We’ll carry out a legionella assessment on the plumbing installation.
  • If there’s gas heating or appliances, a Landlord’s gas safety record will be supplied to you after your heating and hot water has been turned on and tested.
  • We’ll make you aware of who the utility supplier is and details of your nearest pay points.
  • We’ll ensure your home is structurally sound, weather-tight, clean and cleared of any debris and the previous occupants’ belongings, other than furniture or fittings agreed with the customer to be recycled to them. Customers are wholly responsible for maintaining these items going forward.
  • Existing fences, gates, walls, brickwork, paths and drives will be safe. Otherwise, we’ll raise a repair and keep you informed (this may be done after you move in).
  • Gardens and hedges that are severely overgrown will be cut back and cleared. We’ll clear all rubbish from any outbuildings and gardens. Grassed areas will be left in a manageable level.
  • Further information can be found here.

Prior to the end of your tenancy, you’ll be required to allow us into your home to inspect and offer guidance on how we require the home returned. This will allow us the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions with you. We’ll also make you aware of anything you need to do to avoid being recharged at the end of your tenancy. More information can be found here.


  • We’ll clear all carpets and furnishings in poor condition and/or state of repair.
  • If we assess that the condition of the carpets as good and no works are required to the floor base, we’ll offer these to you. If you wish to keep them you’ll be required to sign a liability waiver. We’re not accountable for these carpets after your tenancy starts.
  • We’ll remove hard flooring from all flats first floor and above to reduce noise nuisance to neighbours.
  • Flooring for all flats first floor and above won’t be permitted to lay hard flooring.
  • In flats and maisonettes above ground floor, we’ll provide anti-vibration mats to the washing machine space on request. These must remain in place as property of Raven.
  • We’ll ensure floors are safe and level, free from structural defects, holes and trip hazards.
  • Stairs, balustrades and handrails will be safe, secure and in place before you move in.
  • Walls, skirting boards and ceilings will be free of nails, screws and graffiti.
  • We’ll remove polystyrene ceiling tiles and coving from all rooms.
  • Floors will be free from structural defects, holes and trip hazards.
  • Bathroom and kitchens will have securely fitted and fixed washable floor coverings.
  • Bathroom and kitchen floors fitted by us will be non-slip flooring. These floors will be maintained by us for wear and tear usage, but if neglected you’ll be recharged.
  • Broken tiles will be replaced. It may not always be possible to colour match.
  • If you’re being supported by our Moneywise team you may qualify for free carpets. More information can be found here.
  • If you qualify for free carpets, these will be gifted to you, we’ll have no liability for repair. You’ll have full responsibility for the wear and tear upkeep of your carpets.
  • When you return your home to us, we’ll assess the carpets condition and advise if these can remain or need to be removed.
  • If your tenancy is short term and the carpets have been provided, but have deteriorated beyond re-use you may be recharged for any replacements.
  • From the start of your tenancy, you’ll be responsible for the continued internal decoration and upkeep of your home.
  •  All external doors, frames and windows will be free of rot or decay and will open and close easily.
  • Glazing will be in good condition and meet current British Standards.
  • Front, side and rear doors will have a new lock fitted. Where there are two locks fitted we’ll only replace the night latch.
  • Window locks will be in working order and keys will be provided. If available, keys will be provided.
  • Child restrictions will be fitted to windows at first floor level or above within current regulation.
  • External letter boxes will have a new lock and key.
  • All internal doors will open and close with ease, with handles and latches fitted.
  • Curtain battens will be fitted above windows in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • If curtain rails and curtains are in good order, we may gift these to you. If you choose to not accept, we’ll remove them.
  • If you’re offered gifted curtains and rails from a former customer and decline, you will not be offered the option of new curtains as above.
  • If curtains aren’t present you may qualify for curtain rail and curtains. If you do, you’ll be gifted the curtains and the rail will remain Raven’s property
  • This will be your responsibility to maintain and ensure its present at the time of leaving. You may qualify for extra support from our supporting agencies. Details can be found here.

Loft hatches are to remain closed and loft areas free of all items and should remain clear throughout your tenancy. This is for safe access in the event of emergency repairs.

  • Our properties are heated by radiators, electric storage or panel heaters.
  • Pipework within boiler storage cupboards will be lagged and the cold-water tank is covered and insulated.
  • All stopcocks are labelled and working order.
  • Lofts are insulated to a minimum thickness of 270mm.
  • Where possible, cavity walls are insulated.
  • You’ll receive an Energy Performance Certificate for your home.
  •  There’s a electricity supply to your home (most of our homes also have a gas supply).
  • Wiring and gas systems will be checked, and valid safety certificates issued (Electrical Installation Certificate and Landlord Gas Safety Record).
  • The gas meter will be capped off at the time of moving in, but you’ll be given a ‘how to guide’ to arrange for the cap to be removed for a gas supply.
  • Your home has energy meters: we’ll provide the operating instructions for your boiler where available and what to do in an emergency.
  • We’ll ensure that the water supply to your home is working correctly.
  • To comply with current regulations, we’ll also check the property for asbestos and ensure that you’re provided with a current asbestos report. If you’re concerned about asbestos, contact us through your MyRaven online account or 0300 123 3399.
  • You must arrange your own connection of gas and electricity supplies.

We’ll ensure:

  • Lounge: has at least two double sockets.
  • All bedrooms: have at least one double socket.
  • Kitchen: has at least one double socket above each worktop.
  • Bathroom/toilet – none. A shaver point won’t be provided unless already fitted.
  • There are sealed lights in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • From 1 April 2021 all properties will have linked smoke detectors in the hallway, landing and lounge and a wired heat sensor in the kitchen.
  • There’s a carbon monoxide alarm fitted where there’s an open flued gas appliance.
  • All switches, light fittings and sockets are safe and working.

We’ll provide:

  • Worktops, tiling, units and drawers that are clean and functional (these may not be colour coordinated).
  • Space for a gas or electric cooker, a washing machine and, subject to a space, a fridge.
  • Where relevant, the washing machine cold and/or hot valves will be clean, easy to open and close and drip-free.
  • An electric and/or gas cooker point and at least two double sockets above every worktop.
  • A sink, with a hot and cold-water supply, drip-free and marked hot and cold, a plug and chain, plus tiled splash back.
  • A method of ventilation – either opening windows or a clean and working extractor fan.
  • A 30-minute fire-resistant door to the kitchen (or the space including the kitchen).
  • All worktops will be joined by the use of metal jointing strips.

We’ll provide:

  • Wash hand basin, bath (or level access shower), taps which are drip-free and marked hot and cold, plus a tiled splash back.
  • Plugs and chains for baths and wash hand basins.
  • Toilets and toilet seats that are clean, free from cracks and chips and in working order.
  • If a shower is fitted, it will be in working order with a shower curtain and rail provided.
  • Tiled/paneled splash backs that are clean and sealed.
  • A method of ventilation, either by opening windows or by a clean and working extractor fan.
  • If a property has previously been adapted for customers with individual needs (such as installing a level access shower) then we’ll retain this feature so that other customers can benefit from it in future.
  • For this reason, this type of adaptation won’t be removed and replaced with a bath, after you have moved in.
  • We want to provide you with a property that we are proud to rent to you and that you can make your
  • If you meet the criteria, we’ll redecorate General Need homes in white and Sheltered homes in magnolia. When your tenancy ends, you may be asked to make sure the property is returned to these colours. You may be recharged if the decoration of the property is found to be in a poor condition.
  • All visible plaster work will be intact and in good condition.
  • All visible minor cracks, chips or holes will be filled or caulked, prepared and walls decorated.
  • We’ll remove extremely dirty wallpaper and paint over any graffiti.
  • All walls and ceilings will be free from mould.
  • Polystyrene tiles and covings will be removed.
  • Any damaged vent covers will be replaced.

Before your tenancy starts, we’ll clean the inside of your home to an acceptable standard.

By acceptable we mean:

  • The floors will be swept and cleaned and free from all coverings such as carpet or lino, unless in exceptional condition, in which case these will be gifted to you.
  • Carpets laid by Raven will be clean and free of defects. If this is not possible it may be laid once you start your tenancy.
  • All the windows will be clean on the inside.
  • Window sills will be wiped down.
  • Walls and ceilings will be free of dirt and cobwebs.
  • All woodwork will be wiped down.
  • All tiled surfaces including grout will be cleaned and free from mould.
  • The kitchen units and worktops will be cleaned.
  • The bathroom fixtures and fittings will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Toilet seats will be chemically cleaned or replaced as appropriate.
  • All toilets will be cleaned and sanitised.
  • Bath / shower areas and wash basins will be sanitised.

All the previous occupants’ furniture and personal possessions will be removed before you move in. Any rubbish left behind (within the property, loft, shed or gardens) will be cleared away. After repairs are completed, the property will be brushed out and surfaces wiped down before you move in. This will include wiping down kitchen units, work surfaces and cleaning bathroom fittings.

If black mould and condensation is established at void, this will be cleaned and treated using products that are approved and suitable for the job. Further information on how mould and condensation is treated and prevented is available within the Repairs Standard.

If you have any concerns about the standard of your new home then we want to know. You can raise a request through your MyRaven online account or contact us in the usual way.

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