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We will ensure:

  • Your home is structurally sound, weather-tight, clean and cleared of any debris and the previous occupants’ belongings, other than any furniture or fittings the previous tenants wished to be recycled to you, which you will be responsible for.
  • Existing fences, gates, walls, brickwork, paths and drives will be safe.
  • Gardens and hedges that are severely overgrown will be cut back and cleared. We will clear all rubbish from any outbuildings and gardens. Grassed areas will be left in a manageable level.
  • We will clear all carpets and furnishings unless they are of excellent quality, and you want to keep them. We will ask you to sign that you have accepted the gifted items.
  • We will ensure floors are safe and level, with no trip hazards and any worn or broken tiles are replaced.
  • Non-slip flooring is fitted in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Stairs and banisters are safe and banister rails are in place.
  • Walls, skirting boards and ceilings are free of nails and screws and are ready to receive decoration (some minor filling may be required).
  • We will remove polystyrene ceiling tiles and coving from all rooms.
  • You are responsible for the internal decoration of your home.
  • All doors and frames are free of rot or decay and doors open and close easily.
  • Glazing is in good condition and meets current British standards.
  • Front doors have a cylinder lock and a five-lever mortice lock, each with two keys.
  • Front, side and rear doors will have a new lock fitted. Where there are two locks fitted we will only replace the night latch.
  • Loft hatches are to remain closed and loft areas free of all items and should remain clear in the duration of tenancy. This is for safe access in the event of emergency repairs.
  • External letterboxes will have a new lock and key.
  • Windows and frames are free of rot or decay and open and close easily.
  • Glazing is in good condition and meets current British Standards.
  • Window locks are in working order and keys are provided.
  • Child restrictors are fitted to windows at first floor level or above.
  • The property is heated by radiators or by electric storage or panel heaters.
  • External pipes are lagged and the cold-water tank is covered and insulated.
  • All stopcocks are labelled and working order.
  • Lofts are insulated to a minimum thickness of 270mm.
  • Where possible, cavity walls are insulated.
  • You are issued with an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • There is an electricity supply to your home (most homes also have a gas supply).
  • Wiring and gas systems are checked, and valid safety certificates issued (Electrical Installation Certificate and Landlord Gas Safety Record). For a copy of a safety certificate, you can request this through the MyRaven customer portal: Make a request.
  • The gas meter will be capped off at the time of moving in, but you will be given a how to guide to arrange for the cap to be removed for a gas supply.
  • Your home has energy meters: We will provide the operating instructions for your boiler where available and what to do in an emergency.
  • We will ensure that the water supply to your home is working correctly.
  • To comply with current regulations, we will check your home for asbestos and ensure that you are provided with a current asbestos report. If you are concerned about asbestos, please let us know.
  • You must arrange your own connection of gas and electricity supplies.

We will provide:

  • Worktops, tiling, units and drawers that are clean and functional (these may not be colour coordinated).
  • Space for a gas or electric cooker, a washing machine, and a fridge (subject to space).
  • Where relevant, the washing machine hot and cold valves will be clean, easy to open and close and drip-free.
  • An electric and/or gas cooker point and at least two double sockets above every worktop.
  • A sink, with a hot and cold-water supply, drip-free and marked hot and cold, a plug and chain, plus tiled splash back.
  • A method of ventilation, either by opening windows or by a clean and working extractor fan.
  • Wash hand basin, bath, taps which are drip-free and marked hot and cold, plus a tiled splash back.
  • Plugs and chains for baths and wash hand basins.
  • Toilets and toilet seats that are clean, free from cracks and chips and in working order.
  • If a shower is fitted it will be in working order with a shower curtain and rail provided.
  • Tiled/paneled splash backs that are clean and sealed.
  • A method of ventilation, either by opening windows or by a clean and working extractor fan.

We will clean the inside of your home to an acceptable standard. By acceptable we mean:

  • The floors will be swept and cleaned and free from all coverings such as carpet or lino, unless in exceptional condition, in which case these will be gifted to you.
  • The kitchen units and worktops will be cleaned.
  • The bathroom fixtures and fittings will be cleaned and disinfected.

If you have any concerns about the standard of your new home then we want to know. You can raise a request through the MyRaven customer portal or contact us in the usual way.

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