Swapping your Home


You may be able to swap your home with another one of our properties or with a social housing property somewhere else in the country. It is up to you to find a swap; the best place to start is the Homeswapper website, which our eligible tenants can join free. Homeswapper allows you to see exchangeable properties available throughout the country.


What could it mean for my tenancy rights?

Assured Tenants can assign their tenancies to each other. Our Mutual Exchange process enables assured tenants to swap in this way.

Fixed Term tenancies are not assured, but ‘Assured Shorthold’.  These tenancies cannot be assigned and so a different process is used whenever a Fixed Term Tenant is involved in a home swap.  The process used in this case is Surrender and Regrantone tenant surrenders their tenancy and is then regranted a new tenancy at their new address.


What happens when one tenant has an Assured Tenancy and the other has a Fixed Term Tenancy?

The law states that some tenants should have their status protected when they move, whilst others should not.  We have decided that doing this would deter people from moving, and reduce mobility.  We have therefore decided to protect the tenancy status of all Assured Tenants when they swap homes.

When a Raven Fixed Term Tenant wants to swap with a Raven Assured Tenant, they will both surrender their tenancies.  The Assured Tenant will receive a new Assured Tenancy at their new home and the Fixed Term Tenant will receive a new Fixed Term Tenancy (for the remainder of their term) at their new home. 

If one of the tenants is with another landlord other than Raven, then the exact process may vary according to the other landlord’s procedure. 

If this sounds complicated, just get in contact with our Tenancy Services Team who will advise on any queries.


Other things to consider when exchanging your home

You are not eligible to swap your home during the introductory period (usually the first year) of your tenancy. Swaps are also not available if you have a keyworker tenancy, are in temporary accommodation or have been served a Notice of Seeking Possession.

For a move to be agreed, you and the other tenants involved must have clear rent accounts. Any tenant swapping into one of our homes must also pay a full week's rent when they sign to take over the property.

Please download our flowchart on Mutual Exchanges to find out more. You can also download the Mutual Exchange Application Form. Please remember that both parties who are swapping need to complete and return a copy of the form to us, at the address shown at the top of the form.  Once we have received the form, we will reach a decision within 42 days.

If an Exchange is approved, final arrangements then need to be made and a date agreed with Raven to sign legal documents.  No one should book removal vans before agreeing a moving date with their landlord.


Useful contacts and information

Please visit the websites below for more general information about swapping your home nationwide:



Raven Tenancy Services:

0300 123 3399 or raven@ravenht.org.uk