Why annual gas safety checks are so important

If your boiler, cooker and gas appliances aren’t checked on a regular basis, you’re at risk of a gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion. Sadly, 40 people in the UK die or are injured annually as a result of gas-related accidents.

What we’ll do to keep you safe

As a landlord we’re required by law to annually check your gas appliances, ensure there’s adequate ventilation, and service your boiler and fire detectors to ensure you’re safe in your home.

This inspection shouldn’t take longer than an hour and is only carried out once a year. It’s vital for your safety and can even help you save money on fuel bills.

You can ask for a copy of the certificate at the time of inspection. Alternatively, you can request this through your MyRaven online account.

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What we need from you

Access to your home is needed, with appropriate notice (unless it’s an emergency) to inspect your boiler, any pipework and gas appliances. You’ll be contacted with a letter from our gas contractors Gas Call Services to book your gas servicing appointment. If you need to contact Gas Call Services you can do so 24hrs a day on 0330 002 1169.

If the appointment time and date does not match your availability, it is vital that you contact Gas Call Services to rearrange. It’s our priority to keep you safe and meet all regulations, so repeated failure to allow access will result in us taking the necessary legal action to gain entry to your home.

To report a gas leak

Call 0800 111 999

Please remember, in the event of a gas leak…

Don’t create a flame using matches, a lighter or other source and don’t use electrical switches such as lights or plug sockets.


  • Switch off all gas appliances
  • Open doors and windows
  • Evacuate and keep people away from the area
  • Turn the gas off at the control valve by the gas meter, this could be inside your home or fixed to an outside wall
  • Seek medical attention; you may have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Arrange a safety inspection and any necessary repairs.

What you need to know about our electrical safety checks

Our electrical engineers will contact you with plenty of notice when your five-year electrical safety inspection is due. This inspection should take no longer than three hours.

They’ll check that all sockets, circuits and lighting are in working order, and don’t create any hazards for every day use. They’ll also check that no electrical DIY works have been undertaken. An electrical safety check is similar to taking your car for an MOT; checking that everything electrical is working safely.


It’s really important that you allow us access to carry out this vital safety work. This is a statutory requirement and is stated in your tenancy agreement, provided we give adequate notice.

You can ask for a copy of the certificate at the time of inspection. Alternatively, you can request this through your MyRaven online account.

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It’s our responsibility to ensure the communal electrics, communal water tanks and fire safety in communal areas are compliant.

Any checks (including gas and electricity) inside your home are your responsibility. We strongly advise you to carry out those checks which are your responsibility, for the safety of yourself and your neighbours. You’re welcome to use our certified contractors to undertake this work, the cost of which will be recharged to you.

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