We have a Customer Support Fund which has been set up to help customers who are struggling financially and have no other sources of help. The Customer Support Fund is overseen by a panel of people who review applications and make awards based upon certain guidelines.

The types of things the fund can help with are:

  • Items to help keep you warm
  • Essential furniture items
  • White goods, such as a washing machine or fridge
  • School uniforms
  • Transport costs to essential appointments.

Who is eligible?

Certain customer groups have been identified as being hardest hit by the current economic situation – including significant increases in the cost of living. The fund seeks to support the following customers.

  • Those entitled to benefits whose claim is either suspended or sanctioned and who have no money or other source of funds for food / fuel and who are unable to make use of a food and / or fuel bank.
  • Those who have claimed benefits and are awaiting their first payment to come through, and who are unable to obtain a Universal Credit advance.
  • Those who require assistance with essential furniture / furnishings and / or white goods, are unable to afford them and cannot source them from other places.
  • Those with floor coverings that represent a health and safety issue e.g. uneven  flooring, asthma, person prone to falling and injuring themselves, or with other exceptional circumstances, and where other attempts to obtain flooring have been unsuccessful.
  • Those moving to a Raven home who are unable to afford / arrange the move without the assistance of the fund.
  • Those with other exceptional circumstances not listed above, where the beneficiary is unable to live well in their home and which the panel agree would warrant an exceptional payment.

If you would like to discuss an application to the fund please contact the Moneywise team by completing the form via the MyRaven customer portal.

Request Moneywise support

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