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Steph’s story

My name is Steph* and I’ve been living in temporary accommodation with Raven now for three years. I was forced to flee my home after suffering domestic violence which resulted in me living in a women’s refuge and then a hostel.

The help I have received from Raven is outstanding, especially from my housing officer Julie, who has supported myself and my son though some tough times and has always been there when we’ve needed her.

She has also helped me to get onto the ‘Pathways to Employment‘ scheme to help improve my skills and better myself as a person.

Julie has been so great throughout my darkest points, especially when going through my court case, and with her encouragement and my determination I have succeeded in becoming a better person – not just for myself but for my son too.

We have both made friends here in temporary accommodation. We use the communal areas both for socialising with neighbours and for my son to play with his friends.

The future is looking promising. I have just been offered my permanent home and have started volunteering at Raven and hope to gain a fulltime job with them.

The advice I would give someone moving into temporary accommodation is to take every opportunity given to you, be open and honest about your concerns and fears and share your achievements. If you do this, everything will fall into place – trust me I know from experience!

* Name changed to respect the privacy of the individual


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