The one-to-one sessions and group workshops are for Raven customers and clients referred to us. The ‘Step-Up to Work’ placement programme is open to anyone from the local community looking for a work placement.

Email or complete the employment support self-referral form through your MyRaven online account.

Employment self-referral form

Each person’s involvement is specific to their needs. We’ll work with you as long as you actively involve yourself and keep moving forward to achieve your work goals.

You and your advisor will agree when to meet or make contact so they can support and review your progress. Some may be face to face meetings and others may be remote by phone or email. Face to face sessions will be held somewhere that suits your needs.

Where possible you’ll have the same adviser to support you all the way through your time on the programme.

No, this is all part of our customer support service. All we need is your time and commitment to completing your action plan. We can help with costs such as travel and work clothing.

We’ll help you identify your strengths and areas for future development in an action plan. It’ll be a step-by-step approach to building your skills and confidence.

We’ll move at a pace that suits you but we’ll aim to keep you moving forward so you develop and make progress.


Through workshops, training and work-related experiences you’ll be able to show potential employers that you’re ready for work. We’ll help you to identify useful skills, gained through life experiences such as parenting and caring, or through hobbies and volunteering.

Many people start the programme even though they don’t feel ready for work but we can support you to become ready. There is no expectation that you must get work straight away. Your individual action plan will help set out your stepping stones to getting the job you really want.

Yes, we’ll work with you to get ready for work and help you to learn about your rights and responsibilities as an employee with a disability. We’ll also work on building your confidence and help you to decide what you can and can’t do.

We’ll work with you to get you ready for work and help you learn about your rights and responsibilities as an employee with mental health difficulties. We’ll help you to become more confident and link you with local agencies to ensure you have on-going support at work for as long as you need it or provide you with access to talking therapy as required.

It can be hard to think of another career but the programme can help you identify your areas of interest and skills, or the training needed to support your career change.

The programme will support people into any full time, part-time or term-time work, whichever suits your life and financial needs best.

We’ll help you explore your interests and skills.

There’ll be opportunities to research and trial areas of work through volunteering and job placements.

We can help you research the skills and experience levels required for a specific field or role.

Childcare is always an important consideration, but yes you can. We’ll help you prepare for work in an area that meets your needs and help you arrange childcare and travel costs to ensure it’s practical for you to work.

Starting your own business can be a great way to change career or start a new challenge. We’ll help you to look at your skills and business ideas, ensuring it’s suitable for self-employment. We’ll also help you access professional support to develop your own business.

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