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All boards and committee members’ declaration of interests

Director: Avocet Consulting Limited, 50% owned.

Consultant Solicitor: Girlings Solicitors LLP.

PCC Member: Chanctonbury.

Board Governor: Ashurst Primary School, Steyning.

Employed: Surrey County Council

Employed: Legal & General Investment Management (Holdings) Limited


  • Burgage Square Estate Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • Cardiff Interchange Manco Limited 29/01/2021
  • Cargo 2 Plot Management Company Limited 23/11/2012
  • Cargo Commercial Property Limited 17/10/2011
  • Cargo Plot Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • ECF (Canning Town) Limited 02/10/2013
  • ECF (General Partner) Limited 03/11/2011
  • IPIF Trade General Partner Limited 23/12/2015
  • IPIF Trade Nominee Limited  23/12/2015
  • Legal & General Property Partners (Industrial Fund) Limited 18/02/2010
  • Legal & General Property Partners (Industrial) Nominees Limited 03/09/2010
  • LGP Newco Limited 13/01/2009
  • Millbay Estate Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • ND7 Limited 21/01/2016
  • Quadrant Wharf Plot Management Company Limited 13/11/2017
  • Quadrant Quay Plot Management Company Limited 11/03/2014
  • Rathbone Market Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • The St Pauls (Building 2 – Internal Parts) Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • The St Pauls (Building 2) Management Company Limited 17/10/2011
  • The St Pauls Estate Management Company Limited17/10/2011
  • BTR Residential Development Company Limited 18/09/2019
  • Valette Square Management Company Limited 22/11/2019
  • Red Ahead Storage Shed Limited 25/06/2019
  • Storage Boost (Stafford) Limited 27/02/2020
  • Storage Space Limited 27/02/2020
  • Legal & General UK BTR Investment Nominee Limited 12/02/2021
  • Cardiff Interchange ManCo Limited 29/01/2021
  • BTR Core Limited 31/12/2020
  • IPIF Storage Nominee Limited 19/11/2020
  • B.I.P Management 26/08/2021
  • Novella Building Management Company Limited 03/06/2021
  • Atelier Management Company Limited 20/05/2021


  • New Bailey (East) Management Company Limited 21/12/2017
  • New Bailey (West) Management Company Limited  21/07/2017

Non-Executive Director:

  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board

Spouse owns 100% of Camberley Chat Ltd (Social Media Company)

Group Board Vice Chair: Homes for Lambeth and Remuneration Committee member

Non Executive Director: HFL Build Board

Board member:

Habitaire Homes (Man Group)


Advisor to Man Group Community Housing


CEO: StepChange Debt Charity

Chair, CCCS Voluntary Arrangements Ltd

Chair, CCCS (Equity Release) Ltd

Chair, The Marketors Trust

Board Member:

  • HM Treasury Financial Inclusion Policy Forum
  • Money & Pensions Service Debt Advice Reference Group
  • Money & Pensions Service Board Advisory Group
  • UK Finance Consumer Advisory Group
  • The Financial Conduct Authority – Adviser and Advisory Panel member for the Woolard Review of Unsecured Credit.
  • Court, Worshipful Company of Marketors


  • Stepchange Voluntary Arrangements Limited (08056168)
  • Stepchange Fincancial Solutions Limited (08561006)
  • Stepchange Equity Release Limited (08056301)
  • Debt Remedy Limited (07869502)
  • Consumer Credit Counselling Service Limited (03156404)
  • Consumer Credit Counselling Service (Equity Release) Limited (06741879)
  • Consumer Credit Counselling Service Voluntary Arrangements Limited (05659160)

Board member:

  • PlaceShapers
  • Raven Development Homes Ltd
  • Raven Repairs Ltd
  • Raven Devco Ltd.

Director: Two Rivers Housing Group

Board member:

  • Raven Development Homes Ltd
  • Raven Repairs Ltd
  • Raven Devco Ltd.

Board Member: Stonewater HA

Member of Asset and Development Committee: Stonewater HA

Board member: Homes Plus

Member of Audit and Risk Committee: Housing Plus Group

Non-Executive Director:

  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (from April 2020)
  • Origin Housing Limited (from March 2018)
  • First Community Health and Care CIC (from February 2015)
  • Alliance for Better Care,CIC (November 2021)

Non-Executive Member of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (March 2018, interim ARAC Chair from April 2021 to November 2021)

Chair: Independent Remuneration Panel, Surrey County Council (Sep 2017)

100% owner, Bryan Ingleby Consulting Limited

  • Antler Homes Plc
  • Antler New Homes Ltd
  • Antler Project Holdings Ltd
  • Loxwood Nurseries (Guildford Road) Residents Management Company Ltd
  • Woodland Meadow (Woodley) Management Company Ltd
  • Old Hamsey Lakes Residents Management Company Ltd
  • Coudray Fields Management Company Ltd
  • Graylings (West End) Residents Management Company Ltd
  • Whyteleafe Grove (Caterham) Residents Management Company Ltd
  • Slinfold Developments Ltd
  • Rottnest Holdings Ltd
  • Rottnest Midco Ltd
  • Rottnest Bidco Ltd
  • Furze Lane Residents Management Company Limited
  • Oak Heath (Send Hill) Residents Management Company Limited
  • Resam Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Resolute Asset Management Kft, Hungary
  • RIH Southern Ltd, Malta
  • RIH Poland B.V., Netherlands
  • Recognyte Ltd, Cyprus
  • Recognyte Ltd (formerly Resolute Data Sciences Ltd), United Kingdom
  • Immobiliare Italiana Srl, Italy
  • Investimenti Commerciali Romanina Srl, Italy
  • SGCC SpA, Italy
  • First Top LuxCo, Luxembourg
  • Leg II Italian Holdings Sarl, Luxembourg
  • RIH Romania Logistics Sarl, Luxembourg
  • SW Development Sp. Zo.o., Poland
  • Resolute Asset Management S.A, Portugal
  • Resolute Asset Management Ltd, Cyprus
  • Tall Real Estate Ltd, Cyprus
  • Comercial Inversora Promar Sur S.L., Spain
  • Resolute Asset Management (UK) Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Resolute Advisors MENA Ltd, United Arab Emirates
  • Resolute Asset Management LLP, United Kingdom
  • Resolute Asset Management EOOD, Bulgaria
  • Resolute Asset Management Italy Srl, Italy
  • Resolute Investment Management Ltd, Cyprus
  • Resolute Asset Management S.A., Greece
  • Resolute Asset Management SM PC, Greece
  • RAM Bosphorus Gayrimenkul Yonetimi A.S., Turkey
  • Resolute Asset Management Spain S.L., Spain
  • La Fenice Sarl, Luxembourg
  • Resolute Special Servicing (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus

Employed: Chief People Officer, Brambles UK Holdings Limited

Employed Director of Residential Investment: Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

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