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Raven’s Board is made up of ten non-executive directors and two executive directors who between them have the necessary skills and experiences to govern us effectively.

Recruitment to the board is through an open and transparent process. Appointments are based on an assessment of a person’s skills and experience and how they enhance the effectiveness of the board as a whole, helping to contribute to a positive dynamic that drives Raven to meet its strategic objectives.

Board members are appointed for a fixed term of three years after which they can be re-elected for a further term, to a maximum of six years.

Each year, we undertake a governance review to assess the effectiveness of the board as a whole. This involves an appraisal of individual members and the effectiveness of board committees. Any areas for improvement identified through the review are captured and taken forward in the governance improvement plan for that year.

Board members are paid a modest allowance in recognition of their time and commitment to Raven.


Role Remuneration
Chair £15,900
Vice chair £6,890
Chair of group audit, risk and assurance committee £9,010
Chair of group investment committee £6,890
Chair of people and culture committee £6,890
Board members £4,770
Co-optees £3,000
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