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Our governance framework promotes open and transparent communication with all stakeholders and embeds the highest standards of accountability, integrity, and trust.

We have a dedicated Board who are responsible for the strategy, financial planning and monitoring of the delivery of strategic performance for the group. The Board has four business meetings a year, two away days, and two seminar sessions.  The Board is supported by three committees.

The Group Audit Committee is responsible for providing assurance to the Board on internal controls, risk management, probity arrangements based on the Code of Conduct approved by the Board, and delivery of the procurement strategy.  The Committee meets 4 times a year and its membership are made up of four Non-Executive Directors.

The People and Culture Committee provides assurance to the Board on the general wellbeing of all Raven employees, with a particular focus on NED and executive remuneration, Board skills and development, compliance with employment legislation, and corporate culture.  The Committee meets two times a year, or as required, and its membership is made up of three Non-Executive Directors, and an independent co-opted member.

Co-terminus Board meetings with the following subsidiaries:

  • Raven Development Homes Limited
  • Raven Repairs Limited
  • Raven DEVCO Limited

The Group Investment Committee provides assurance to the Board on the delivery of the Development Strategy and Commercial Strategy approved by the Board.  The committee sits within coterminous arrangements with the subsidiary companies and provides line of sight to the Board with the activities of the subsidiaries in meeting the objectives of the Trust.  The Committee meets four times a year and its membership is made up of four Non-Executive Directors, at least one Director from each of the subsidiary companies, and independent co-opteed members.

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