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Raven Housing Trust (30070R)

Parent Company


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Raven DevCo Ltd 


Raven Repairs Ltd


Raven Development Homes Ltd


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Thanet House Management Ltd – 12915490

Burrstone Garden Management Company Ltd – 12912671

Raven Housing Trust is a charitable organisation registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Society Act 2014 (no. 30070R). The activities of the Trust are governed by the Regulator of Social Housing (Regulator) and from the framework of governance determined by the Regulator, The Trust has adopted the National Housing Association Code of Governance (NHF Code) and conducts its affairs in line with the requirements of the NHF Code. Each year, the Trust undertakes a review of its compliance with the Regulators Governance and Viability Standard and the NHF Code of Governance. Any areas of non-compliance are explained, and the Board agrees an action plan to ensure these areas are resolved as soon as possible. The Trust also ensures full compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including those of the Social Housing Ombudsman and Financial Conduct Authority.

The subsidiary companies are each constituted under the Companies Act 2006 and registered at Companies House. The Directors of the subsidiary companies are Jonathan Higgs, CEO and Mark Baker, Group Director of Finance and Governance, who are both also executive members of the Group Board. The subsidiary Directors ensure the activities of the subsidiary are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations including company law and funding from Homes England.

Incorporated in March 2017, the principal activity of DevCo is the provision of development services to Raven Housing Trust.

Incorporated in March 2014, RRL trades as ‘Raven Works’ and undertakes commercial repairs, maintenance services and other similar activities to generate profit to financially support the charitable aims of the Group.

Incorporated in 2017, RDHL trades as ‘Raven Homes’ and generates profits from market sales to financially support the charitable aims of the Group. From time to time, RDHL incorporates management companies during the development of a scheme which is passed on to residents once sales are completed.

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