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Swift nest boxes installed in Banstead

swift nest boxes being installed in Banstead


We’re really pleased to have had 10 nest boxes installed on to three of our blocks of flats in Banstead to help protect the local swift colony. Swifts are on the UK red list, which means that they are under threat as their population has heavily fallen in recent years. This project has been part of our commitment to support, maintain and protect the environments in and around our communities.

We’ve been working with the Swift Protection Association Banstead who were growing increasingly concerned about the local swift colony and sparrows. We were very conscious of the swifts being on the UK red list, so we wanted to find a sustainable long-term solution to give them somewhere to nest.

We’re looking forward to seeing the boxes get used as we enter swift nesting season and would like to thank the Swift Protection Association Banstead and AD Construction, who installed the boxes for us, for their support on this project.

A spokesperson for the Swift Protection Association Banstead said:

“After much worry about the survival of the Banstead Swift Colony, Raven Housing Trust stepped in and saved the day, not only for red listed swifts, but also for sparrows. We hope to see the colonies increase in size in the coming years and by doing so, secure the future for these birds for generations to come on this site.”

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