Rights and responsibilities

Every year we carry out a programme of works which includes the full refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms.

We assess which order to do this work in by the age and condition of the kitchens and bathrooms. The oldest homes and the ones in the poorest state of repair are done first. Subject to surveys, a new kitchen and/or bathroom will be fitted

However, we may not make improvements to your home if you don’t follow your tenancy agreement. If you: 

  • have caused anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • have rent arrears and will not co-operate with us to pay back the debt
  • you don’t look after your home

we will not fit a new kitchen or bathroom or carry out any other work to improve your home.

Anti-social behaviour cases will be reviewed after 12 months. If no more ASB issues have happened then we will restart our services.


If you have rent arrears, please note a refurbishment will only be carried out when you are paying regularly to clear your debt:

  • If you pay weekly or fortnightly; you have made an arrears agreement and complied with it for at least 12 weeks
  • If you pay monthly; you have made an arrears agreement and complied with it for at least 6 months
  • If you have any other debt; you have made a payment plan to clear the debt and have complied with it for at least 6 months


We will remove your address from the refurbishment programme if your home or garden is not being looked after and kept to a reasonable standard. For example, you must:

  • Give us reasonable access to carry out essential planned gas and electric safety checks
  • Meet your responsibilities set out in your tenancy agreement
  • Take reasonable care to prevent damage to you or your neighbours home
  • Make sure your property is pest free
  • Carry out adequate safety checks for fire, gas, water or electric supplies before leaving your home empty for long periods
  • Not keep flammable or explosive substances in homes, garages or other property leased or rented from us 
  • Ask us in writing for permission to make changes in your home and you must not make any changes without our formal permission
  • Make sure communal areas are kept clear and all rubbish and unwanted bulky items are got rid of properly
  • Not cause a nuisance or annoyance to other residents, visitors, staff, contractors or agents in your home or the local area
  • Tell us about any repairs your home or communal areas need as soon as you are aware of them
  • Make sure your home is looked after and not un-hygienic or cluttered, which prevents reasonable safe access for staff or contractors to carry out their duties
  • Maintain the garden (including the trees) to a reasonable standard


Please contact us if you think you will be affected by anything in this section to discuss it further and see what support we can provide to resolve the situation.