Garages and parking spaces for rent

Struggling to park outside your home or near work? Need a garage for some extra storage space for your personal effects or vehicle?

Whatever the reason, a lockable garage or renting a parking space in Redhill and surrounding areas, may just solve your problems.

Area's covered: For latest availability please call 0300 123 3399.








Tattenham Corner



Burgh Heath

East Grinstead

The minimum let for a garage is two months.

• Sign up times - Monday to Friday 9.30-4pm @ Raven House, Redhill.

• Payment required at sign up - 1 month + 1 week in advance.

• ID required -  One photo ID plus another with proof of address (i.e. utility bill)

• Please note that as a Raven Tenant the garage must be within one mile of your residence to qualify for the lower price.

Here's our full price list for garage and parking bay rentals. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Garages (Court Lodge Road, Horley)


 Weekly Price

 Monthly Price

 Raven Tenants



 Non Tenants (or Tenant's 2nd garage)



All Other Garage Locations


 Weekly Price

 Monthly Price

 Raven Tenants



 Non Tenants (or Tenant's 2nd garage)



Redhill Parking Bays for Rent


 Weekly Price

 Monthly Price

 Raven Tenants



 Non Tenants (or Tenant's 2nd space/garage)



If you are interested in one of these options please call us on 0300 123 3399 or email