Estate Inspections

We aim to maintain our estates and properties in a good condition and minimise any risks to ensure your safety. To do this, all estates and communal areas are formally monitored on a regular basis and it is essential the actions identified during estate inspections are recorded and dealt with properly.


What does the inspection process involve?

Our staff visit a defined area where they assess the environment. They also record safety-related items any issues which need further action. These actions are sent to our repair team and prioritised for action depending on the safety risk they pose.


What do we inspect?

We inspect estates and properties where there are communal areas and facilities. We do not routinely inspect street properties which do not fall into logical estate areas, these are monitored using regular patrols by Neighbourhood Wardens.

Our inspections cover all parts of an estate area. Please note however that health and safety issues in garage areas will be identified and dealt with by the Garages Manager.

Sheltered and Temporary Accommodation schemes are inspected each month by Sheltered Housing Officers and Temporary Accommodation Officers. Staff submit a monthly report and they also inspect schemes whenever they are onsite. Any issues are reported immediately.

We divide general areas into high risk and low risk areas. High risk areas areas are inspected every six months by Surveyors. Low risk areas are those with lower building density together with some isolated houses and these areas are inspected every year.

Here are just some of issues we look for during an estate inspection:

  • Are external paths and steps in a safe condition?
  • Are internal stairs and landings in a safe condition?
  • Fire door seals to be visually checked
  • Are there any issues with walls or fences?
  • Are communal sheds or other structures in good repair?
  • Are stair wells clear?
  • Is the area free from litter and rubbish?
  • Is the area free from any other health and safety hazards?
  • Are roofs and gutters in good repair?
  • Are communal facilities in good order?
  • Are communal garden areas safe?
  • Are there any parking issues?
  • Are there any empty or abandoned properties?

Information about any repairs which are needed are given to our responsive repairs team and prioritised according to their urgency. A two-person trades team will visit the site within a week of the inspection and complete as many safety-related jobs as possible. Other works have a 28-day priority.