We’re really pleased that you’re thinking of joining the team at Raven!

We’re a values-driven organisation with a strong social purpose, so it’s important our employees share our passion as well as having the skills and behaviours to achieve our ambitions. Our selection process is an opportunity for you to get to know us as well as the other way round, so we’re all sure we make a great match.

The process varies slightly depending on position but will include the following stages:

  1. 1


    We have created these careers pages to give you insight into us as an organisation so that you know from the outset what we’re all about.

    We ask you to submit your CV and to provide us with information about why you’d like to work for us. We review applications to check you have the skills, knowledge, and experience we need for the role and aim to get back to you within two weeks of the application closing date to let you know the outcome.

    If you have a disability then please let us know on your application, as you’re guaranteed an interview with us if you meet the minimum criteria for the role as listed on the job description.

  2. 2

    First interview

    We conduct either in-person or online interviews to get to know you better and we encourage you to ask questions of us as well. There are normally two of us who meet with you at this stage, including your potential line manager.

    We include questions about our values and culture statements and ask for examples of when you’ve demonstrated the relevant behaviours. Sometimes we’ll ask you to do a short work-related task or test but will always let you know ahead of time so you can prepare.

  3. 3

    Second interview

    For some positions we invite you to attend a second interview. Depending on the role, we may ask you to deliver a presentation, do an online assessment, or spend some time shadowing others so you can experience the role first-hand.

    We’ll also arrange for you to meet some of your potential colleagues so that you can ask questions about the role and about Raven.

  4. 4


    We make an offer to the person we feel is the best fit for the role and confirm this in a written contract of employment.  We’ll keep in touch before your first day so we can plan for your induction and will ask for information so we can process your reference and DBS checks. Candidates who are not successful will be given feedback, and if there’s another position that we think would be a better match, we’ll let you know.

Selection process hints and tips

Applying for a job with us could be the start of your career at Raven and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s a positive experience. Here are some hints and tips to support you through the process:

  • Your application introduces you to us, so take some time to reflect on the skills and experience that you could bring to the role. There is a job description provided with each vacancy that describes what we’re looking for in our new employee.
  • We often receive many applications for each position so it’s important you take the time to prepare as strong an application as possible, so you stand out from the other candidates. We shortlist applications using the knowledge, skills, and experience listed in the job description, so make sure these are clearly stated in your CV alongside your employment history and work experience. For some positions we require specific qualifications, so remember to include these. We may ask for copies of these qualifications at interview stage.
  • For some positions, we ask you to complete an additional section to tell us why you’d like to work at Raven. Although this section isn’t mandatory, we do look favourably on those who choose to complete it. Use this section to tell us why you’re right for the role and why Raven is a great fit for you – what is it about our values, culture, and purpose that you identify with? You could refer to personal interests, achievements, and experiences if you feel these are relevant.
  • We are Disability Confident Committed, so if you have a disability then please let us know when you apply as you’re guaranteed an interview with us if you meet the minimum criteria for the role as listed on the job description.
  • Our interviews are either in-person or via Microsoft Teams depending on the type of position, where it’s based, and whether the interview is first or second stage. We’ll also take your preferences into account.
  • We’ll give you plenty of notice of the interview date and time so you can prepare, and we’ll let you know of any tasks or activities that you’ll be asked to do. If you have any questions, please ask.
  • As a values-driven organisation, it’s important to us that you have the right attitude and behaviours as well as the skills and experience that are needed for the role. During your interview we’ll ask for examples of when you have demonstrated behaviours that align with our values and culture statements, so it’s useful to prepare these beforehand. It’s fine to use notes during the interview and for the examples to come from your personal life as well as from work.
  • When providing examples of when you have shown skills or behaviours it can be helpful to use the STAR framework:

Situation: The event or situation that you were in

Task: The task or activity that you had to complete

Action: The specific actions that you took to complete the task

Result: The impact or result of your efforts

  • If there are aspects of the role that you feel are development areas for you, it’s useful to be open about this and to explain how you anticipate building the knowledge, skills, or experience that is required. Maybe you don’t have direct experience doing a particular activity but have done something similar and have the transferable skills. We’d like to hear about this.
  •  Interviews are an opportunity for you to find out more about us, and you’ll be given time to ask questions. Please ask as many as you like – they could be about the role, the team, or about Raven. If there’s something that occurs to you after the interview, please feel free to get in touch.
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