Celebrating our apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week

This week (5th – 11th February) is National Apprenticeship Week, a chance for us to share about what an apprenticeship at Raven looks like and share stories of those on programmes with us. We recruit new apprentices in the Summer ready to begin in September, if you or someone you know is interested in an apprenticeship with us then register your interest to find out more here.

Making a difference to homes and lives

An apprentice at Raven

Aaron completed his work experience at Raven, and he obviously enjoyed it, as he’s now joined as an apprentice. Aaron, who is 16, told us about the benefits he is already seeing from choosing to do his Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship and why he chose Raven.

“My Mum has worked at Raven for a while and has always talked about it being a very supportive environment so recommended for me to go to the Apprenticeship Open Day. I found the opportunity to work in the social housing sector really interesting, Raven’s ethos appealed to me, and I wanted to do a job that would help people.”

After doing his GCSEs, Aaron took his Mum’s advice and went along to an open day to find out more about the apprenticeship scheme at Raven. He then had an interview in August last year and started his apprenticeship in September.

He says: “I love the job that I do. I genuinely feel like I’m making a difference to people’s lives, making their homes look good before they move in. Sometimes I walk past a home where a family has moved in and know that I’ve helped to make their life more comfortable which feels great.”

Aaron highlighted another benefit of learning a trade through his apprenticeship too, adding: “It is also great to be able to learn a life-long skill that will help me when I have my own home.”

Apprenticeship kicks off Kacey’s career

Customer service apprentice at Raven

When we think about apprenticeships, often what comes to mind are hands-on, trades-based roles. But Kacey, 19, is a great example of the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship for a more office-based career.

Kacey joined Raven in September on an 18-month Customer Service Apprenticeship, after seeing the role advertised online. She works four days per week and completes her college work online one day per week.

She says: “I wanted to learn about the housing sector and to work somewhere where I could make a difference. I’ve found Raven a really supportive place to work, in fact it was one of the things that attracted to Raven along with their culture and ethics. The values we work to are really positive and everyone at Raven cares about the customers which is what it should all be about.”

After completing her A levels in Maths and Business Studies and a BTEC in Hospitality, Kacey was actively looking for an apprenticeship. Seeing it as a great way to learn while working, earning and gaining experience at the same time. She has enjoyed the experience so far and is looking forward to her future with Raven.

“I can see myself progressing here, there are lots of opportunities. I would definitely recommend it to other people looking for an apprenticeship,” she says.

Apprenticeship is a dream come true for Callum

Callum - Electrical tester at Raven

Callum had wanted to be an electrician for as long as he can remember. So, when he finished school and his local college mentioned apprenticeship opportunities with Raven, he jumped at the chance.

Callum is now an Electrician/Tester, having completed a four-year electrical apprenticeship in 2022 and passing his final exam early last year. He spent, for the most part, four days on the job and one day per week at college and says it’s a great way to qualify:

“I think an apprenticeship is the best way of learning and sets you up for a good career.”

Callum has also had the opportunity to complete his 2391-52 Inspection & Testing Course, funded by Raven, as part of his career development.

He says he would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone and his top tip for making the most of the opportunity is to “listen and learn to the experienced people you get to work with.”

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