Moneywise tips for saving money this Christmas

The festive season is filled with memorable moments but it‘s also a time when our wallets can take a big hit. With the right planning and some creative thinking you can enjoy a fantastic Christmas without breaking the bank. The Moneywise team have put together some top tips for saving money around Christmas time. 

  • Focus on the kids: Due to the cost of living, lots of families only buy presents for the children, particularly if the families are large. Most people understand the need to cut back and this decision can bring relief to others who might be struggling too.
  • Don’t stockpile! There’s no need as most shops are only closed on Christmas Day. Make a meal planner and only buy items required for the meals on your list. That way, you won’t buy what you don’t need and there will be a lot less waste.
  • Enjoy local entertainment: Instead of splurging on high-priced theatre performances, opt for local amateur dramatics. They will be a lot cheaper than a star-studded pantomime and you can usually take your own snacks.
  • DIY games night: Save your money on entertainment by making your own games. Classics like charades, pictionary, who am I? can all be recreated at home and provide hours of fun for the whole family.
  • Pound shop secret Santa: You’ll be amazed at the brilliant bargains to be found in the pound shop or a charity shop. Set a challenge for family members with a tight budget and make a game of it.
  • Ditch the turkey: Do you really need to have turkey for Christmas? Buying a large chicken will work out a lot cheaper and be just as nice.
  • More expensive doesn’t always mean better: In festive taste tests, quite often the supermarket own brands come out on top when it comes to taste… and better for your wallet too.


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