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Water usage survey FAQs

The Government has a strategy to make sure water is managed well as it’s a vital resource we need to protect. To help us to understand how water is used, we are undertaking a water survey of the homes we own and manage in Sussex. Every household this concerns will receive an initial letter detailing everything they need to know, as well as a follow-up letter with specific details of when a surveyor will be in their area. Here’s some FAQs you may find useful if this is relevant to you:

  • Who does this water survey concern?
    We’re looking carefully at homes that we own and manage in Sussex. That means homes in Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas, as these are recognised as being in a water stressed region.

  • Why is it happening?
    We’d like to understand what opportunities there are to make savings and reduce the burden on the water table. If we can make savings, it could unlock the potential to develop new social housing which is desperately needed across the South East.

  • Who will be undertaking the survey?
    The work has been commissioned by a company called Reside, which has in turn been subcontracted to a surveying company called PHDH Ltd.

  • What will the survey entail and how long will it take?
    Each visit should take no longer than 45 minutes (probably less). A record will be taken of the taps, type of toilet, washing machines etc. This will enable us to assess how much water is being used in your home and what options are available to make savings.

  • How will I find out when my survey is happening?
    We are writing to everyone concerned so they know when a surveyor will be in their area.

  • If I need to change my appointment, how do I do this?
    If you need to arrange a different date or time, there will be an email address on the appointment letter for you to rearrange

  • Who do I contact if I have a question or an issue?
    In the first instance, please contact your surveyor using the email address provided in the appointment letter, but if they can’t help please contact our Customer Services.

  • How will my personal data be used and protected?
    All companies involved are signed up to a data protection protocol. We will not be holding sensitive information and when the data is no longer required it will be disposed of. Our Privacy Policy is being applied to this work.
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