Gas and electrical safety checks

Annual safety checks

Did you know every year 40 people die or are injured as a result of gas related accidents in the UK? These incidents can easily be avoided by having your gas boiler serviced and your gas appliances checked regularly.

Usually, we won't interfere with your right to peacefully occupy your home. However, by law, we must inspect the condition of your home, check your gas appliances, electrical supply and service your boiler every year to make sure you and your family stay safe.

Access to your home

Access to your home will be required, with appropriate notice (unless it's an emergency) to inspect the condition of your home, carry out repairs to your home or adjoining property, and perform regular inspections of electrical supply and gas equipment as required by industry regulations and stated in your Tenancy Agreement. 

To help us do this, you will be contacted by our contractors Smith & Byford to book your gas servicing appointment.

You can contact Smith & Byford 24hrs a day on 0800 917 8335

The service appointment takes about one hour. We believe this is a small amount of time to make sure that you and your family stay safe. If you have changed your telephone number, mobile number or email address in the past three months, please can you provide us with your correct up to date contact details.

Important Note: Failure to allow us access will result in us taking legal action to gain entry to your home.


To report a gas leak 

Call 0800 111 999

Please remember in the event of a gas leak:


  • Create a flame using matches, a lighter or other source and don't use electrical switches such as lights or plug sockets.



  • Put out gas flames if possible.
  • Open your doors and windows
  • Keep people away from the area
  • Turn the gas off at the control valve. You'll find this valve either at the meter or at the point that the gas enters your home.