Date Approved: January 2024
Review due: May 2026

Please be aware that this full policy may include acronyms or technical jargon used internally within Raven. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Purpose of the policy

1.1. Raven Housing Trust is committed to offering a range of tenancies, ensuring compliance with rent and tenancy standards, as well as any funding arrangements which stipulate the tenure to be offered.

1.2. Raven offers different options for moving home, to ensure the right homes and services are offered to customers.

1.3. The Policy seeks to ensure suitable forms of tenancy are offered for individual properties and households.

1.4. This Policy is also designed to ensure the best use of Raven’s homes.

2. Scope of the policy

2.1. The Policy applies to all applicants for affordable housing, owned by Raven Housing Trust, whether new or existing customers. (Where Raven manage properties on behalf of others, their Polices will be applied)

2.2. It does not apply to Leaseholders or Shared Owners, or to licences.

3. Detailed policy content

3.1. This policy confirms the different tenure and tenancy types that Raven will offer.

3.2. Raven offers the most secure type of tenancy we can for each type of home and applicant, seeking to maintain levels of security already enjoyed, where someone moves home.

3.3. The Policy and associated procedures are designed to comply with legislation, in particular:

  • Housing Act 1985, amended 1998
  • Housing Act 1988 amended 1996
  • Localism Act 2012
  • Housing and planning Act 2016.
  • Renters (Reform) Bill 2024

3.4. The different tenures used currently are Assured, and Assured Shorthold. Various tenancy types are offered within these two tenures.

3.4.1 Assured tenancies are offered to tenants who already hold an Assured tenancy with Raven, or another registered housing provider, or who have transferred from a local authority. These tenancies are also used for tenants exchanging into a Raven home, when those tenants already had an assured tenancy. Probationary tenancies are offered to new tenants, which upon successful completion may become fully assured tenancies.

3.4.2 Assured Shorthold tenancies are offered in Temporary Accommodation, in Keyworker properties, market rented properties and for intermediate rent. They are also initially granted to new tenants for a probationary period, which if successfully completed will lead to an assured tenancy.

4. Applicability

4.1. This policy applies to temporary, general needs, and sheltered tenants.  It governs allocations of new tenants to properties and the tenancy offered when an exchange or transfer takes place. Raven has a legal duty to assist local authorities in the discharge of their homelessness duties so consistency in allocations is a regulatory requirement. Certain procedural aspects of different tenancies are also regulatory requirements so any breaches must be reported to the Regulator of Social Housing.

5. Definitions

5.1. Definitions of the different tenancy types offered by Raven are contained within a procedural document, including details of which tenancy type will be offered based on both property and customer details.

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