Parking permits

Parking permit schemes are arranged by us, following consultation with those affected. Please note, such schemes usually incur a cost and therefore need agreement from the majority.

Once the scheme has started, permits are issued by CPM who are our management company for parking.

If you need a permit because you have just moved or you need a replacement permit, they you will need to apply for this through CPM by emailing, calling 0345 463 5050 or visit their website by clicking the button below for more information on ordering permits.

CPM permits

Allocated parking

If you have an allocated parking bay then this is only for use by your household or someone you have given permission to use. If another person or resident parks in your bay without permission, in the first instance we recommend a polite notice left on the windscreen or a friendly chat with the person responsible. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact us to make a request for your Neighbourhood Warden to visit or follow this up.

Abandoned vehicles

We check for and report any abandoned vehicles on our estates. Vehicles with no tax and / or MOT will be removed, following a notice requiring the registered keeper to tax and/or MOT it within 14 days. We also ensure vehicles in a dangerous condition are urgently removed.

You can report an abandoned or unroadworthy vehicle to us through the MyRaven customer portal.

Report a vehicle

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