Our Purpose: Building Homes, Changing Lives

Raven is a business with a clear social purpose: Building Homes, and Changing Lives in Surrey and Sussex.

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To us, building homes goes far beyond the bricks and mortar; what really makes a home are the people inside it. We build homes by focusing on the foundations first: the people who live in them.

Our route for the future

We have ambitious plans at Raven. They need to be ambitious because the lives and futures of the people that live in Raven homes, as well as their neighbours and communities depend on it. Our work over the next three years will focus on four priorities:

Our Homes

We will build 523 quality homes by March 2020 and improve the financial and environmental performance of our existing homes.

Our Communities

Our homes will remain affordable for people on low or no pay and, focusing on where we will make the biggest difference, we will help to strengthen communities in partnership with others.

Our People

Our staff will deliver the most appropriate services to customers in a way that is clear, honest and fair.

Our Capacity

We will make our money, assets and staff resources go further, whilst transforming our processes to put more of our energy into our Homes, Communities and People.

Raven's three year strategic plan outlines how we will do this, focusing on five programmes of work, while putting customers at the heart of all we do.