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Active Prospects

In November, we completed another installation for a charitable organisation Active Prospects.

We installed 26 JA 370W monocrystalline solar panels on the roof of an apartment block in Redhill to reduce the energy bills for the disabled residents here and help Active Prospects reach their net zero goals. The system has been optimised to provide maximum benefit to all residents and is expected to save them up to a combined £3000 a year.

Active prospects installation

Project Specification:

  • Location: Redhill
  • Property use: Residential
  • New/Retrofit: Retrofit
  • Technologies installed: Solar PV
  • Panel type: 26 x Longi 400W monocrystalline panels
  • Peak output (kW): 10.4
  • Annual output (kWh): 9,767
  • kgC02e/pa saved: 1,953.

Golding Homes

We are working with housing association Golding Homes, which manages over 8,000 affordable homes across Kent, to fit solar panels on their properties, enabling residents to reduce their energy bills.

After the government’s announcement that all social houses should meet an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘C’ or above by 2030, Golding Homes chose Raven Renewables to undertake its first renewables project, the installation of solar panels on 12 properties in Maidstone.

Each solar system contains eight to ten high efficiency JA 370W monocrystalline panels, installed on the rear roof of one-storey homes. The systems are initially expected to generate up to 2,775 kWh per year, with up to 535 kgC02e/pa carbon emissions savings per property.

Lucy Breeze, Sustainability Manager at Golding Homes, mentioned:

“We want to support our customers to save money on their household bills and this project will help them do that”.

This project is also anticipated to save residents up to £600 per year on their energy bills and make their homes much more energy efficient.

We are pleased to visit the installation for Golding homes and speak with the tenants about their experience with Raven Renewables. Terry, one of the tenants, commented:

“I am happy that solar panels were installed in my house and am looking forward to seeing the benefits. Everyone was superb during the process, including the scaffolders, roof cleaners and panel installers. They were very helpful and explained everything to me. I will definitely recommend the Raven Renewables service to anyone who wants to install renewables in their properties.”

We are excited to be carrying out this important work for Golding, which should have a big impact on their residents at a critical time; during a global energy crisis.

Click here to read more about it in the news.

Golding homes installation

Project Specification:

  • Location: Maidstone
  • Property use: Residential
  • New/Retrofit: Retrofit
  • Technologies installed: 12 x Solar PV systems
  • Panel type: 8 x JA 370W monocrystalline panels
  • Peak output (kW): 2.96
  • Annual output (kWh): 2,775
  • kgC02e/pa saved : 535
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