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If you would like to talk about investor relations, please contact Mark Baker, Director of Finance & Governance, on 0300 123 3399 or email at mark.baker@ravenht.org.uk.

We’re a successful social and not for profit housing association established in 2002. To date, we’ve built more than 1,000 new homes, invested more than £170 million in existing homes and consistently improved our range of products and services.

How we deliver on our vision is important to us, we commit to living our four values in both our decisions and actions:

  • Trust – we earn trust by being open and accountable
  • Understand – we seek to truly understand others’ needs before we act
  • Collaborate to Innovate – we collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners to develop innovative services
  • Care – we come to work because we care about providing good quality, affordable homes and services to those that need them. We believe we can make tomorrow better than today.
  • Number of homes: 6,468 (including properties managed)
  • Turnover: £53.4 million
  • Operating margin: 30%
  • Operating surplus £17 million

Regulatory Ratings: G1 V2 (reconfirmed by Regulator on 29/11/2023)

By the end of Quarter 1 2022, we completed our largest refinancing exercise to date. We refinanced our current borrowings, incorporating ESG financing options and in April 2022 we achieved a long-term private placement of £130m additional funds. This exercise improves our robustness from a financial capacity and debt maturity perspective whilst capitalising on historically low market rates.

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