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Pauline turns her life around helped by support from Raven

Pauline has suffered from mental health issues which led to her becoming virtually housebound.

However, with the help and encouragement of her tenancy services officer Peter she is now improving and getting out and about regularly.

“Pauline had been really struggling and quite upset with how she was feeling,” explained Peter.

“I visit her regularly and we chat at some length. I have worked hard to boost her self-confidence and talk with her about setting herself a goal of going out, while appreciating it is a hard habit to break.

“She has taken up my suggestion to go out every day into the village and go to cafes. Her mood is much improved and she is feeling happier in herself.

“She met-up with her psychiatrist and case worker and they were so pleased that she had taken up my suggestion.

“I am delighted that she has broken the pattern of staying in. She has done so well to start going out – she told me she feels like she has started a new life. It’s lovely to hear such positive news.”

Thanking Raven for their care, Pauline said that she was improving all the time.

“Peter has been a great support to me and Raven have been there for me and helped in whichever way they can,” she commented.

Peter added that Pauline had also had problems with her neighbours and initially wanted to move. Following his intervention the issues were resolved and she is now much happier in her home and is excited about making various enhancements to it.

We are so proud of how Pauline has made such positive steps to turning her life around. It hasn’t been easy for her, but with focus and determination she is coming on leaps and bounds, and we are pleased we could help in some way.

Helping to change lives, through support and encouragement, is an important part of what we do.

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