Suspected Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud is one of the highest value fraud risks for Housing Providers like ourselves. Research suggests up to 2% of Housing Stock in our area is being misused. To try and tackle the issue, the Government bought in the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act in 2013.

To try and reduce tenancy fraud and ensure we are providing homes to the right people, we ask you for up to date personal data at key moments in your tenancy, for example at sign up and when moving home. We investigate all reports of tenancy fraud and work with Local Authorities who may prosecute offenders for housing benefit fraud. We will take legal action to recover properties being misused so they can be re-let to families in genuine need.

Tenancy fraud has a high social cost as it stops those in genuine need of accommodation being housed. By recovering a property used for tenancy fraud we can re-let it to another household, providing a secure place to call home for a family in genuine housing need.

The most common forms of Tenancy Fraud are:

  • Moving out of social housing and renting it to someone else (sub-letting).
  • Moving out of social housing and leaving it empty.
  • Obtaining social housing through deception, by making a fraudulent application.
  • Making a fraudulent application to ‘succeed’ to a tenancy after the current tenant dies.
  • Illegally assigning a social housing application to someone else.
  • Taking (or making) a payment for a mutual exchange.

If you suspect a property is being misused, please use the form below to raise a concern. You can also call us on 0300 123 3399 or email

We will ask you for your details so we can speak to you about the report. Your details will be kept confidential however you can remain anonymous if you prefer.