Planned Maintenance

We keep details of the stock condition for all our properties. This includes information on all the major external and internal parts of each property, from front doors to boilers.

To keep our information as up to date as possible, we survey our housing stock every 5 years. An independent team of building surveyors carry out these surveys and report their findings to us.

The surveyor checks for any health and safety issues and inspects the condition of each part of the property, assessing the current age and expected remaining life. It is essential you allow the surveyor access to do these surveys. Improvements to your home, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, may be delayed if you don’t give them access.

Each part of the property has a defined ‘lifespan’ which acts as a guide to determine when it would typically need updating (e.g. for a kitchen this would be 30 years) however the actual condition of this may extend or reduce the time frame. Please see our Decent Homes Standard for more information on the criteria used to assess our properties.

Our stock condition information enables us to plan our works programme as we can identify which properties need work done quickly and do these first.

Our Repairs team also use the information to make sure repairs are not carried out on things which are due for replacement.

What people have said who've recently had a repair:

"I'm very pleased with the result of replacement kitchen & bathroom, the workmen worked very hard all the time while they were here, credit to them."

"What a lovely workforce, full respect was given to myself and my property. Thank you Raven."

"Being an ex-builder myself I have found that the work to be most satisfactory and of a high standard and the workers were very helpful in every way."

After successfully bringing all of our homes to the Decent Homes Standard, we are now focused on maintaining this standard with our ongoing planned programme of works.