What is Sheltered Housing?

Finding the best fit for you

We are committed to making age a positive experience and to treating people as individuals. We understand just because someone is over 60 it doesn't mean they want the same type of housing as others of a similar age or that they want or need support.

If you are over 60 we offer a wide range of housing and/or support options. We aim to give you access to quality housing, real choice and flexible services. These real life stories show some examples of the different ways we have helped meet the needs of our customers and their families:

Read Sally and Olive's stories about thier time in Sheltered Housing


What is sheltered accommodation?

The term 'sheltered housing' sounds a bit old fashioned and there can be negative images of what sheltered housing is. We are keen to change these misconceptions and are very proud of our sheltered housing.


Sheltered housing myth busting:

  1. It is not like a care home.
  2. It is designed for people who are able to live independently.
  3. You have your own flat, with your own front door - you can come and go as you please.
  4. You don't have to have support from our staff if you don't want or need it.
  5. We have a wide age range of different customers - from 60 to nearly 100!
  6. Some of our customers are still in paid work, are active volunteers or look after grandchildren.
  7. You don't have to be home in the evening by a certain time!

It's not all knitting, bingo and coffee mornings! We've had belly dancing, art classes, live music, gardening groups, computer tuition, film nights, theatre trips, Wii games consoles and local 'men in sheds' groups as well as working with local young people.

You don't sit in our lounges in a big circle! We have computer rooms, beautiful gardens with greenhouses and raised planting beds, lovely garden furniture to relax and enjoy the sunshine, conservatories, sofas for relaxing or coffee shop style areas to sit and catch up with friends and family.

If you decide to live in one of our schemes which has communal facilities you don't have to be involved if it's 'not your thing.' Please note too that lots of our sheltered housing doesn't even have communal facilities.

It's not all social housing - we have a number of leasehold sheltered properties which you can buy. None of our properties have any 'shared' facilities.

If your needs change and you find you need a bit of help, you won't have to move out. Lots of our customers have carers who come in so they can stay in their homes for as long as they want to.


Why should I choose sheltered housing?

"Sheltered housing is a good option for older people who enjoy independent living but want the reassurance of additional support." (Which website)

Some of the benefits of sheltered housing include:

  1. Choice - access to help, advice and support when and if you need it.
  2. Safety & security - 24 hour link to a community alarm monitoring centre.
  3. Peace of mind.
  4. A community.
  5. A property that suits your changing needs.
  6. Be closer to family and friends.

This is a useful link to Which's information on what sheltered housing is and why it is a good choice for some people and their families.


What does 'support' mean?

Support means different things to different people; we treat you as an individual and you guide us. We don't tell you what you need from us, we listen to you and make suggestions. The support in our sheltered housing really is very flexible. Some of our customers don't even have any support as they don't need this.

Our support is a 'menu' of services that can include:

  • A call each morning - at a time that suits you.
  • A weekly visit - on a day and time that suits you.
  • Additional visits if needed.
  • A 'life plan' - to see what things we might be able to help you with including benefits advice, help getting the right care package, training, getting back in touch with friends and family, health advice, looking at technology, equipment, adaptations to help with with mobility, sight, hearing, memory and more.

Our teams are highly qualified and many of them have years of experience of working with older people. Staff have regular training on lots of different topics including the ever changing benefits system; they can help you navigate your way through the benefits system if you need them to.

We don't always have all the answers but we do have strong links with local and national organisations who can help. If we don't know the answer we will find someone who does!


Sheltered Testimonials

Claire Motler, Supported Housing Manager explains: "This service is designed to help people who wish to continue living independently in their own home but may need a bit of support and advice to to so. Raven has a superb track record of providing the highest quality services to people over 55 and we hope this scheme will continue to offer reassurance and peace of mind for customers and their families."

“Raven’s team are really pleasant and easy to talk to. I would recommend this service for anyone living on their own as it makes you feel more secure knowing that there is someone at the end of a phone if you need help.” - Mrs Nicholls, Tadworth

“It’s so good to know there is someone there. It’s terrific, no argument about it!" - Mr Dulley, Tadworth

Download our Sheltered Outreach Service leaflet Download our Enhanced Support Service leaflet