Anti-Social Behaviour FAQs

Neighbour Disputes and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Frequently asked questions

We want you and your neighbours to be able to enjoy the peace, quiet and safety of your home, without interference from others. Disputes between neighbours can be upsetting and have a negative impact on the quality of your life so we always try to help resolve disputes between neighbours.

Where possible we encourage you and your neighbour to talk to each other to try to solve the problem amicably - Please dowload our helpsheet 'Ways to resolve problems with neighbours'. If this doesn’t work, please call us on 0300 123 3399 and we will try to help. You can also report incidents to the police. To report Anti-Social Behaviour please use the form on this page,

We would like you to keep a diary of any ASB as this can be very useful to us if we need to take further action. Please download the diary sheet.


You may find the following questions and answers useful:


Q: Why can't CCTV be introduced on estates?

We tend not to use them as sometimes cameras can be an invasion of privacy and don't actually produce very clear images, particularly at night.


Q: Is a tenant able to view a complaint that has been made against them?

Once we record a complaint, the alleged perpetrator will receive a letter but theywill not be told who made the complaint.


Q: How long does it take for you to get a possession order (to evict a tenant)?

It can take at least 6-9 months to take a tenant to Court, providing we have sufficient evidence. It can then take a further 6-9 months for a possible eviction order once an order is breached. Please note however that eviction is always the last resort.


Q: Where does the money come from to pay for Court costs?

The money comes from rents - if we win a case we get Court costs.


Hate Crime

Hate crimes target a person because of prejudice or hate towards someone's:

  • race, ethnicity or nationality
  • religion or belief
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • disability

We will not tolerate any form of hate crime and strongly encourage you to report it. We are committed to reducing harm caused by hate crime, by increasing the confidence of victims and working with partners to identify and tackle those who commit such crimes.


Click here for more about hate crime on the Surrey Police website.


Reporting ASB

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to report a neighbour dispute or anti-social behaviour (ASB), or call us on 0300 123 3399 or email

If you feel threatened or feel you are in danger, call 999 immediately.

If you have reported the issues before and we have closed the case but the problem is continuing, you may be able to raise a Community Trigger. For residents of Reigate and Banstead, more information can be found here.


Contacting the police

Surrey Police have lots of useful information on their website:

They also provide an online reporting tool so you can report incidents directly to them:


You can find more information about Sutton's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit here


Sussex Police have useful information and contact details on their website which you can access here:


Please complete the online form below to report ASB

Please give as much detail as you can. If you know the name and/or address of anyone involved please let us know.
We try to respond to incidents of hate crimes within 24 hours.
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