Why we're Building Homes


Here at Raven we believe that every home matters and that’s why we are committed to an ambitious programme of building new homes.  In fact we aim to build on average 220 affordable homes and 40-50 for market sale every year. We build a variety of tenures including affordable and social rent and, shared ownership and market sale homes.

For more information on the homes for sale, please visit www.ravenhomes.co.uk

We are passionate about working with others to deliver quality new homes across the region. We do this through Section 106 agreements with developers and through buying land and building homes ourselves, including being on site with fifty homes being delivered through Construction Management. We are part of the cross-sector group, ‘Building Better’ – seeking to deliver more offsite construction in the sector by providing standard house-types, aggregating our pipelines and procuring at scale.

We plan to start on site with an exciting pilot project under Building Better in 2020-21. We also have a number of sites in the pipeline where we are exploring innovative new ways of procuring and building.

We are actively seeking new development and joint venture opportunities in Surrey and Sussex. If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact our New Business Land Managers:

Stephen Clements  Stephen.Clements@ravenht.org.uk

Shane Barclay        Shane.Barclay@ravenht.org.uk