Vehicle Crossovers or Dropped Kerbs

What is a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb)?

A vehicle crossover, allows you to access your property safety and easily from the main road using your car or another domestic vehicle. The process involves dropping the kerb and reinforcing the pavement or verge to take the weight of a car and avoid damage to pipes or cables underneath.

If you require the crossover on Raven land, then you will need permission for this by entering into a legal agreement called an ‘easement’.

The easement process

Easements require the involvement of solicitors and typically take around six months to complete. All applications are reviewed by Raven internally, and there’s no guarantee that your request will be granted.

As part of the agreement, Raven would need to agree on the details of any work proposed to build the crossover. Typically, crossovers up to 3m wide are considered but all applications are looked at on an individual basis.

Easements are also subject to permissions from other parties. For example, if your crossover will cover a footpath or land owned by Surrey County Council, then you will need permission from them too. It is your responsibility to confirm if other permissions are required for the crossover, before making an application. If you’re unsure who owns the land, please find out by asking your local authority.

Here are some links to guidance on vehicle crossovers from other relevant authorities:

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

Surrey County Council

Easements are an interest in land, so they have a value. Once you have the required permissions, and we have an agreement in principle for the easement, it will need to be valued by an Independent Chartered Surveyor. This is necessary to meet government requirements and Raven’s charitable objectives.

At this point, we strongly recommend that you find legal representation, to ensure that you understand the implications of entering into an easement agreement. Not appointing your own solicitors may also increase the time and cost required by Raven’s solicitors to complete the work.


We have produced a table of estimated costs to expect. These may increase depending on the easement required, type of valuation and the solicitors’ time needed to complete the work. We will inform you of changes to costs throughout the application process.

Area of work


Valuation of land by an independent Chartered Surveyor


Approx. £100 plus VAT (£300 plus VAT if a site visit is required) 

Actual value of easement

£1,000 upwards


Raven’s legal costs

Standard fee £650 plus VAT and disbursements

(subject to the nature of the easement, the required work to grant it and the process being completed in reasonable time)

Raven’s administration fee

£250 plus VAT

Obtaining lender consent

Not always applicable but could be up to £500 plus VAT

** Please remember to include an allowance for your own legal fees**


Making an application

Those seeking a vehicle crossover must follow our application process. If you would like to start this process, please complete the form below.

Do you have permission from Surrey County Council?:

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