Rent & Charges

In order to make payment of your service charges you can do one of the following:

  • Please complete the direct debit form:
Payment by Direct Debit form
  • Send a cheque payable to Raven Housing Trust to our Raven House office. Details can be found here 
  • Transfer to our Barclays Account:  73276376  Sort Code: 20 00 00.

Please quote your account number or property address as a reference on all payments.



Your lease requires you to pay an annual ground rent and a due proportion of the costs we incur in managing your building. These charges are invoiced to you in accordance with the dates set by your lease and either demanded quarterly or six-monthly.

We operate all service charges from April to March. We will issue you with an estimate in advance of the year, usually late February. Once the year is complete, we compare the estimated charges against the actual costs incurred. We issue a further invoice if we under-estimated or a credit note if we over-estimated.

The lease specifies the time within which the invoice needs to be paid, usually 21 or 28 days, but we agree to these being paid by monthly instalment by direct debit. A mandate can be accessed here to complete and return to Raven House.


Shared Owners

Your lease requires you to pay a monthly rent on the share of the property retained by ourselves. You also need to pay monthly a due proportion of the costs we incur in managing your building. Most shared ownership leases require you pay by direct debit every month. The service charge cycle is the same as that outlined for leaseholders above.


Leasehold Schemes for the Elderly

Your lease requires you to pay an annual ground rent and a due proportion of the costs we incur in managing your scheme which are invoiced annually in advance. Any over or under spend is taken into account when setting future estimate levels. Whilst this is an annual invoice, the lease allows you to pay the service charges in monthly instalments.


Major Works and Section 20

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) outlines when a leaseholder is going to be invoiced a sum of £250 or more for one-off works or £100 or more per year under an on-going contract, a formal consultation process must be undertaken. HOT manage this consultation for us and must have due regard to the observations raised. We must act reasonably in deciding whether to amend or cancel the work as a result of the observations received.

Works subject to Section 20 consultation may be invoiced outside of the usual dates within your lease. When you receive estimated costs as part of the consultation, we recommend you start to put money aside for the invoice that will follow to help you budget for this.


Large Invoices and Arrears

Maintenance costs on a leasehold property can be expensive and the cost of major works can reach thousands of pounds. We do expect where works are subject to consultation, leaseholders have adequate warning to prepare for the invoice. This means you should be able to settle within the terms of your lease. We appreciate though that this is not always possible. We do agree repayment terms for owner occupiers if the invoice would cause you financial hardship. We are under no obligation however to do this and may require evidence from you before agreeing to any terms.