A life changing new friendship…

A serious operation which left a Raven resident as a wheelchair user has led to a new life being started and great new friendship being formed.

Christine Conway underwent an emergency leg amputation in 2020 which suddenly meant she was a ‘prisoner in her own home’ in Reigate.

“I could not get around and was having suicidal thoughts – I did not see the point in living any more and was very down,” recalls Christine.

Raven’s support co-ordinator Georgia Neale worked with her as a ‘SOS’ customer, building up her trust and finding a wheelchair-adapted home for her in a sheltered housing scheme, Nutley Court.

“I was very unsure about moving and very anxious but soon settled in and was visited by one of my neighbours Lou Langridge, and we are now firm friends,” Christine said.

Georgia says that Christine is now a completely different person.

“Last time I saw her she was smiling ear to ear. She couldn’t thank everyone enough for the help and the change in her life.

“She had no dark thoughts and cannot believe she has a made a friend of her own age and will never be able to explain how life changing this move has been for her.

“Lou thinks we are angels and she is so over the moon and happy that she has someone to talk to.

“Both ladies are looking forward to getting their mobility scooters and will then hit the town of Reigate – it’s an amazing friendship for both!” Georgia explains.