Study will help to reduce fire risks in flats


Raven is consulting with residents and reviewing its approach to fire safety in flats so that it can keep people as safe as possible.

The highest and most common fire risk to residents living in flats is the dumping of unwanted items and storage of property like furniture and toys in communal areas. The second is damage to or modification to front doors like adding a new doorknocker, letterbox or cat flap.

Raven is fully committed to complying with fire safety regulations; ensuring you, your family and visitors safe from any fire risks.

To help us do this we are carrying out a study asking residents living in flats to tell us what behaviour they think is acceptable in their communal areas and how they want us to enforce the current rules.

We are also seeking expert advice on this from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

Glyn Elliott, Raven’s Senior Neighbourhood Warden, explained “We are hoping this study will also help us introduce creative ways to overcome storage issues in flats and enable us to make communal areas more welcoming for residents.  However, the safety of our residents will always come first over storage.”

The current rules allow for a small number of items to be kept in communal areas, including a doormat and a pair of shoes per household. Any items beyond this that are identified as a hazard or blocking routes to emergency exits and are removed without notice.

If you live in a high-rise flat, sheltered housing, or temporary accommodation you won’t be contacted. If your block was selected for this study, you should have been notified already.

We look forward to hearing your views and ideas in the coming weeks.