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Join the Customer Voice Panel

Want to make a difference? Want to help decide our priorities? We have a group of customers who work closely with our Board. Members are involved in challenging our performance, working with leaders and board members to influence our priorities and helping us to keep customers at the heart of our decision making.

We provide members with the support and training needed to develop skills and understand information so they can question us and hold us to account.

This group of 12 customers works with us to improve performance and ensure the customer voice is being heard at a top level. The commitment to the group is a minimum of one year, but could be up to three years.

To register your interest and find out more, please complete the form on the MyRaven customer portal. See the Terms of Reference before filling out the form.

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What’s been discussed lately

This was the initiation meeting (the first time the Board and Panel have met), where the following was discussed:

  • They kicked off with a ‘getting to know each other better’ conversation, which included each person’s motivations for getting involved. A common theme throughout was to ‘make a difference’. Some felt their life experiences put them in good stead to give something back. Everyone agreed how important it is that the customer’s voice is heard when important decisions are being made, that they should have a place at the table!
  • Further discussions were had about what their different roles where and how they can support each other.
  • There was an open discussion around Reward & Recognition for customers who do get involved.
  • The room was buzzing with energy, and everyone left eager to get stuck into the nitty gritty at the next meet up. Top of the agenda will be learning from complaints, which everyone agreed is a really important area to focus on.
  • It was a great start and will lay the foundation for future sessions. A great example of customers and Board members working in collaboration to make change together.
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