Parashoot Stories

Cassie's Story

Seven years ago, Cassie James* was living on the streets. She struggled with using drugs and alcohol, but managed to stop using, moved into her own place, and began to give talks to people about substance misuse. However, her partner was violent towards her and she fled, spiraling down into depression.

Parashoot Support


Cassie moved to Caterham but couldn’t keep up with her rent payments and was on the verge of eviction. In desperation, she went to Tandridge Council and pleaded for help as she had nowhere to go. They put her in touch with Parashoot, and support workers John and Mo began supporting her.

In the beginning, Cassie was too afraid to open letters, attend appointments or leave the house. But with Mo and John’s gentle encouragement, her confidence began to grow. Mo and John helped her speak to Tandridge Council about finding a new home, and Cassie found she qualified for a sheltered scheme. Within three months she had moved into her new home, now checks her mail, plans her days and is developing her money skills with the help of Tandridge Council’s money advisor.

Cassie said, “It’s all happened so quickly - a fairground ride doesn’t moved as fast as this!

Mo moved a mountain for me. You need more Mo’s and John’s in this world.”

Cassie now volunteers at a local shop and goes to church every week, never thinking this could happen when she first moved to Caterham, feeling isolated, depressed and contemplating suicide.

*Cassie is not her real name