Lucy's Pathway to Employment

Lucy was referred to us as an unemployed single mother with two young children. She signed up to receive support through the Pathway To Employment programme as she was facing imminent eviction from her home.

Initially, we assigned an advisor to help her, but Lucy proved challenging to engage with as she often missed appointments and her lifestyle was somewhat chaotic.

To address this, her advisor changed appointment times to suit her and arranged more appointments over the phone. Phone calls saved Lucy a substantial amount of time and money on travel. Since receiving 1-2-1 support, Lucy has progressed by leaps and bounds. The advisor has helped improve her CV and write a covering letter aimed at prospective employers.

Lucy's primary barrier to work was her need for childcare. She currently receives no support from her ex-partner or her family and friends. Further to the 1-2-1 support, the programme also arranged to fund Lucy’s childcare costs for her first month of employment. The funding would help bridge the gap up to her first pay-cheque when she would be able to pay for childcare herself.

Lucy told us she had previous experience in catering - and thought this would be the best route for her back to work. To assist Lucy to achieve her aspirations of working in catering, we supported her to complete a Level 2 certificate in Food & Hygiene.

Further to this, Lucy also received financial support to ensure that she was receiving the maximum benefits she was entitled to, as well as assessing whether she could afford to pay for childcare after the first month of working. Alongside this, we helped her draw up a budgeting plan to clarify her income, expenditure, and take better control of her spending.

In January 2018, armed with her new qualification, childcare support and confidence; Lucy applied for and was offered a part-time role for 16 hours a week as a mobile catering assistant for local schools working for Surrey County Council.

Lucy is a very focused and determined woman, and we are confident she will make a valuable employee for any business or organisation.

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