Claudette's Journey to Work

Claudette’s journey started back in October 2016, when she formally signed up to be one of our first participants to join the East Surrey Pathway to Employment Programme.

Like many participants, Claudette started the programme with some major barriers to work. With no qualifications, limited working skills and significant gaps in her employment history. Finding work was difficult. She also had physical and mental health issues, a lack of confidence and low levels of motivation. All she wanted was to be “fulfilled, happy and financially better off” she told us.



To aid Claudette in achieving her aspirations, we gave her an action plan to help navigate a suitable path to work. From October 2016 to July 2017, with ongoing support from us, she decided to volunteer at the British Heart Foundation and Age Concern. Volunteering work helped Claudette build her confidence levels and gain valuable life skills and experience. With our help, she found a motivation –to support and care for others. Claudette explained:

 “The volunteering work has given me confidence and self-belief and has made me a stronger person. My confidence levels are on the up, and I question myself much less. I am now motivated to find work, and I enjoy having a purpose.”

Claudette identified that her poor IT literacy and numeracy skills might be holding her back and damaging her self-confidence. To combat this, we enrolled her on a twelve-week course in English and Maths functional skills. We also helped her apply for a community IT support course. While Claudette was improving her skills and building confidence; she was still unsure what type of work she was interested in doing. Working with a careers advisor, she was able to find the type of working environment that suited her most and where her skills and interests were well matched.

In August 2017, Claudette made her first working application at a local retail store for a work placement role. She was offered the placement in September, and so she began her 8-week work experience. Claudette received a glowing reference from her time working in retail and one month on she applied for a vacancy. She was successful in her application and starts her new role in February 2018. Congratulations to Claudette for successfully securing permanent full-time work and achieving her aspirations. With hard work and the right support services, the sky is the limit!

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