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We are the Customer Panel for the Better Connected Programme, called ‘Customer Connect’. The group was set up in September 2020 to support delivering Ravens Vision to ‘ensure all our residents are connected to services they value and trust; services that work alongside them, saving them time, giving them options, and helping them enjoy their homes’.

To deliver this vision, Raven will be putting customers at the heart of what they do, through various means, where the panel is a key part. We provide advice and challenge on the Better Connected Programme and Core Principles. Meeting regularly on specific issues, we act as a critical friend on the new processes being put in place, to ensure they are designed with the customer in mind.

We use a variety of tools to review processes and make recommendations based on the evidence used. The outcomes of the panel will be used to support the various phases of the programme and ensure customers have been involved in the design of services.

What have we been doing?




Sept – Nov 20

Learning and understanding about the Better Connected Programme and how this impacts on customers


Nov 20

Understanding about the Customer Experience

Discussing the new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and dealing with a customer request

Key themes identified were:

  • Clear on what the next steps/actions will be
  • Choice of channels
  • Better communication
  • Allow customers to give feedback after the request is closed
  • Clarity of standards
  • Access to information
  • Access to the right information

Dec 20

Customer Request continued – focusing on Neighbour Disputes and Anti-social behaviour requests

Details on what needs to be included as part of the CRM platform for Neighbour Disputes and ASB requests.

Jan 21

Progress update on the Better Connected Programme.

Update on Connecting our Customer workstream – Introducing the Customer Feedback App, Customer Segmentation Project and Personas, Enhanced Digital support and the Settling in Service

Learning how the other projects fit and support the Better Connected Programme.

Feb 21

Updated development of the CRM and discussing the timeliness of customer requests and the categorising of these.

Agreeing the outcome of the request is more important than how quickly someone calls back.

Categories to be added in the CRM system and clear timesclaes for these.

Next steps

Looking at the Repair Service and what is important to customer. Customer Portal and designing this around the customer needs.

Meet the panel

Alison Elliott

Hi, I’m Ali

I live in Merstham with my husband Glyn, daughter Tiggy and dog Willow.

I’ve been a tenant of Raven for approx. 28 years.

I work within a customer service environment and have for many years.

I wanted to get involved with the panel because I can see great potential for the system, the possibilities are endless, as they say.

I’m afraid there are no amazing facts about me.  I have never broken a bone, or jumped out of an aero plane, or wrestled a lion, or even stepped over the yellow line on the station platform!

Claire Hogarth

I”m Claire Hogarth, I’m 43 years old and have been a Raven resident for 15 years, I currently live in Chipstead with my husband and 4 children.

I joined the panel to help identify some of the issues we sometimes face using the current portal and hopefully I can help to make the new one better for everyone who uses it and also help think of options for those who can’t. The main objective being to help make life a little easier for everyone.

Before I became a mum I worked in customer services and as volunteer for many years at a wildlife rescue centre. I now work for the NHS.

Dan Grimmett

My name is Dan Grimmett and I have been a tenant of raven for about 8 years in Reigate, My hobby is exploring abandoned places.

I also work for raven as a customer service adviser which I really enjoy, as I really enjoy helping people. I joined this panel to give my input as a tenant to help others.

Laura Munnery

My name is Laura Munnery and I live in Redhill.  I've been a Raven tenant for 12 years.  I joined the Better Connected Customer panel to become involved with Raven and to try and help with what they are trying to achieve. 

I'm hoping to give some insight in what it means to be a tenant and provide some valued assistance along the way. 

Verity Penn

My name is Verity and I’m 29 years old. I’ve been living in Tadworth since May 2017.

I was interested to join the panel as I care about how people live and was keen to contribute to a local scheme that could connect Raven and it’s residents.

I’m hoping to help give ideas for how Raven can develop their communication platform, which will then improve people’s living situations. 

I trained professionally as a dancer/musical theatre performer and have since gone on to complete my teaching qualifications. I now work as a self-employed dance teacher at various dance schools/performing arts colleges and thoroughly enjoy my job. 

I’m really excited to be working with the team at Raven and am looking forward to being involved in something that not only helps Raven but supports the local community.

You can sign up below to join our Customer Connect panel or email to express your interest.

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