Repairs Service FAQs during COVID-19

Updated 12th June 1:15pm

Do I need to tell you if I am self-isolating or have been infected with COVID-19?

Yes please, this is particularly important if you are expecting a visit from us or one of our contractors so that we can rearrange your appointment or make suitable arrangements.

What will you do if I try to make an appointment or I already have an appointment?

We will ask you if you are self-isolating at present or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  If you are self-isolating or have COVID-19 symptoms and your call is about anything other than an emergency we will re-book for 15 days time or if you prefer, ask you to call back once you are well enough for us to visit.

How long will I have to wait for a repair appointment?

Our repairs team are calling to re-confirm existing repairs and booking a new appointment or confirming an existing one. Due to COVID-19, we do have a backlog, which is addressed in our recovery plans. We have operatives working longer hours, and we have also recruited more operatives to help us recovery quicker. During recovery, some repair orders won't be completed within the 28-day timeframe, but we will communicate this with you when booking a new repair.

Do I have to give Raven access to my home?

If you are concerned about access, please contact us immediately after you receive an appointment as we may be able to make alternative arrangements or delay the appointment.

If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please notify us immediately, so that we can rearrange for another date. Please bear in mind that we have a legal duty to do the safety checks and we still do reserve the right to legally gain access if necessary.

What if I need a repair, what precautions will be taken by the operative that has to visit my home?

When our trades and contractors attend to your home, we will ask you similar questions that relate to coronavirus, that you will already have answered before. If you are displaying symptoms, and the repair is routine, we will re-book the repair for after the isolation period (unless the repair is and the repair is an emergency). If you are not displaying symptoms, our trades and contractors will discuss working practices with you before carrying works, and this will include, follow social distancing guidelines to keep you and them safe, agree the personal protection equipment (PPE) they will wear, and discuss working procedures for the job, with you, before starting works.

In order to maintain social distancing, they may ask you to stay in a separate room to where they are working whilst the works are carried out. We want to ensure you are kept safe from COVID-19, and that you are also kept safe in your home.

What about gas and electrical safety checks?

Raven will still be attending properties to carry out safety checks on your gas (carried out by S&B) and electrical testing. Please continue to ensure that access is provided when requested, and remember to let us know if anyone in your household is affected by the virus. This will enable us to liaise with our contractors to ensure that they take appropriate steps to carry out the checks safely.