Neighbour disputes & anti-social behaviour

During this time when we are all having to stay at home, it is likely that residents will hear more from each other than usual of the sounds of everyday living.  

Raven consider the following to be everyday noise:

  • Noise from children at play
  • Family disputes
  • Babies crying
  • Sounds of doors opening and closing, and people going up and down stairs

It can be stressful being cooped up at home, and this can lead to people arguing more, and behaving in ways that would be unacceptable at any other time.

Raven’s message is that we will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour  . Please respect your neighbours – some of whom may be working in front line jobs keeping your community safe  and need their time at home to rest.

We are also aware that residents who experience unacceptable noise may suffer more due to the additional stress of being in a lockdown.

Please speak to your neighbour if they are making a noise that is causing distress.  They may not realise their actions are causing a nuisance. (but if you do speak to your neighbour, maintain 2m distance).

Raven’s guide ‘Ways to resolve problems with neighbours’ can be found here.

We have also produced a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ guide to disputes and anti-social behaviour, which can be found here.

Behaviour that is more serious and persistent is ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR 

Raven will not accept Anti-Social Behaviour and coronavirus COVID-19 does not legitimise unacceptable behaviour which causes harm to others.

Raven appreciate that harm is likely to be exacerbated by victims feeling even more vulnerable than they may ordinarily because WE ARE ALL VULNERABLE now.

Raven cannot visit perpetrators or victims in their homes for the foreseeable future, but we are still committed to take action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour,  and continue to support their victims. 

Raven will continue to issue:

  • Warnings over the phone, by email or by letter if necessary 
  • Keep accurate records of every interaction including when we issue verbal warnings
  • Can still apply to the County Court for Without Notice Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions when an urgent case arises 
  • Can still apply for standard Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions 
  • Can still issue begin preparation for Possession Proceedings (although these claims will take longer), so that when the Courts have reopened, we are ready to take the necessary action
  • Can still work with Local Authorities to apply for Closure Orders and issue Community Protection Warnings 
  • Can still issue Acceptable Behaviour Contracts by taking verbal consent from parties

If you are a victim or witness of anti-social behaviour report to Raven through: Customer Services on 0300 123 3399 or online using our Anti-Social reporting tool. 

Call 999 If there is a risk to life or property call 999 If there is no risk to life then report it via 101, online to your police force or to a registered social landlord or local authority