Neighbour disputes & anti-social behaviour FAQs

I have an open case with Raven, but since the government have requested we stay home, the noise/disturbance has increased – what can I do – what are you going to do about it?

If you have an open case, your case manager will keep in touch with you and your case will be investigated, although without home visits. We still aim to manage all cases in line with our disputes process and ASB policy. We will be in contact with the alleged perpetrator and we would ask that you keep a record of matters relating to any ongoing disturbance. If there are criminal activities taking place these should be reported to the police on 101, keeping us updated as well.

At present courts are restricting their services, but we are still able to issue Notices and alternative legal action, if necessary and justified. We will work with you as best as we can under the circumstances and encourage you to help us to gather evidence safely.

My neighbour is being inconsiderate whilst at home; should I approach them?

Government advice is not to leave your home and to keep 2 metres apart.  We do not recommend knocking on another resident’s door, (unless there is a 2 metre gap available) although a polite letter put through the letter box may help. Your neighbour may not realise the impact their behaviour is having on you. If this doesn’t work then please report any complaints to our Customer Services team on 0300 123 3399. You can report online here. However if the noise/disturbance is considered to be everyday noise we will not open a dispute or investigate. Raven consider the following to be everyday noise:

  • Noise from children at play
  • Family disputes
  • Babies crying
  • Sounds of normal living such as doors opening and closing, and people going up and down stairs
  • Occasional events such as birthday parties, provided they don’t cause unreasonable disturbance (although these should be restricted to the occupants of the property only )

Raven do not consider clashes of lifestyle, which can occur for all sorts of reasons including cultural differences and unusual food smells as a dispute.

Please see the following link , “Ways to resolve problems neighbours”, for further guidance, and contact details of other support agencies.

Someone is victimising me because I am Chinese/Italian or any other ethnic group due to coronavirus COVID-19 – can this be dealt with?

Yes, this is Anti-Social Behaviour and may be considered a Hate Crime, please report to Surrey Police on 101 and Raven Housing Trust on 0300 123 3399. If you feel that you are being targeted because of your ethnic background, we aim to contact you within 24 hours, to agree a way forward.  Please call 999 if there is a threat to life or property only.

I am concerned about my neighbours’ children, I believe since being at home and not at school, they are being neglected/mistreated or not fed/looked after etc?

Please report any concerns you have through to Surrey Children Services on 0300 470 9100 or West Sussex Children Services on 01403 229900, and Police on 101,  if you feel any children are in danger.  

My neighbour is experiencing domestic abuse and I can hear it through the walls, what do I do?

Do not approach any neighbours and stick to the government advice, as a direct approach might make make the situation more volatile.  Please report to Surrey Police on 101 or 999 if you believe there is a threat to life and update Raven Housing Trust.  East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service may be able to give you further advice; they can be contacted on 01737 771305 or

If you are able to safely get a message to your neighbour you could advise them of the Silent Call to Police for domestic abuse victims who are afraid to call, if the abuser is close by – please see more details here.

Raven resident was arguing at our local shop over goods – they were behaving inappropriately and were causing a nuisance.

Whilst we acknowledge that this is unacceptable behaviour, this is not a matter for Raven to manage.